Quantcast Issue Storeroom to Galley Procedure

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Page Title: Issue Storeroom to Galley Procedure
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Frozen Fruits and Vegetables - 14164_47
Mess Management Specialist 3 & 2 - Military manual for maintaining a mess hall
Issues From Combined Bulk and Issue Storerooms
Most refrigeration units are so equipped that hot gas can be run through the cooling coil to melt the ice. Then the bulkheads, the overhead, and the deck remain cold because  of  the  speed  with  which  the  coils  are  defrosted, and there is no necessity for moving the feud. This method  of  defrosting  should  be  used  on  all  ships equipped  with  such  a  hot  gas  capability,  since refrigeration is not interrupted. If your cold storage plant is not of this type, it will be necessary to consult with the engineering department to  determine  other  methods  of  defrosting.  And,  of course, you should never use an ice pick or a sharp tool to pick ice from the coils. Once  defrosting  is  completed  by  a  nonhot  gas method, scrub and wash the box thoroughly with hot soapy water. Rinse, dry, and air the box and return the food to its place immediately. Refrigerator  Log A refrigerator (or reefer) log must be maintained by the  person  responsible  for  the  refrigerated  spaces. Temperature readings must be taken twice daily and at other times as necessary. The reefer log is presented daily to the leading MS and the FSO for review and initialing. Temperature irregularities must be reported to  the  leading  MS  and  the  FSO  immediately. EXPENDITURES Food items may be expended by issue, transfer, sale, or survey. ISSUES Issues (or breakouts) of food items to the GM must be  made  on  preapproved  breakout  documents  and follow established procedures. These procedures are explained  next. Bulk Storeroom to Issue Storeroom Procedures Afloat Breakouts of food items from the bulk storeroom to the issue room must not be made without an approved issue document, such as a Food-Item Report/Master Food  Code  List,  NAVSUP  Form  1059,  or  a  Food-Item Request/Issue Document, NAVSUP Form 1282. ISSUING     PROCEDURE.— Requests     for breakouts from the bulk storeroom must be made on a NAVSUP Form 1282 or a NAVSUP Form 1059, each prepared in triplicate. (See figs. 2-11 and 2- 12.) DOCUMENT DISTRIBUTION AND POSTING.— The completed form is signed by both the bulk  storeroom  and  issue  storeroom  storekeepers  and distributed as follows: l l l The original is retained under lock and key by the FSO. The duplicate is retained by the bulk storeroom storekeeper for posting to the NAVSUP Form 209 or the NAVSUP Form 335, whichever is used. The  triplicate  is  retained  by  the  issue  room storekeeper for posting to the NAVSUP Form 209 or the NAVSUP Form 335. Issue Storeroom to Galley Procedure Breakouts to the galley from the issue storeroom are made on an approved NAVSUP Form 1282 or NAVSUP Form 1059. DOCUMENT   PREPARATION.—   The  FSO establishes  controls  to  account  for  each  breakout document. When dry, fresh, and frozen items arc in the custody  of  different  individuals,  separate  breakout documents must be prepared (fig. 2-11). When the NAVSUP Form 1282 is used, care must be taken to list items in the order in which they appear on  the  NAVSUP  Form  1059.  The  food  item  code number  from  the  NAVSUP  Form  1059  must  be  entered to assist with posting to the NAVSUP Form 335 and to the NAVSUP Form 209. (See figs. 2-11 and 2-12.) REQUIRED  SIGNATURES.—  Signatures  on breakout documents serve as authorization and transfer accountability.  Therefore,  the  importance  of  following established  procedures  cannot  be  overemphasized. ISSUES.—  The   jack-of-the-dust   (issue   room storekeeper) issues the food items requested using a NAVSUP  Form  1282,  enters  the  actual  quantities furnished, and delivers the items to the senior MS on duty.  The  jack-of-the-dust  and  the  individual  accepting the material sign in the Issued By and Received By blocks  respectively. RETURN OF FOOD ITEMS.— Strict account- ability must be exercised over food items at all times to minize waste and to make sure items are used for the purpose intended. Unused food items that are being returned must not be kept in the galley. These items (often referred to as breakbacks or returns) must be promptly   returned   to   the   storeroom   so   that accountability can be reestablished. Returns may be 2-14

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