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Page Title: Other Meat Items
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Mess Management Specialist 3 & 2 - Military manual for maintaining a mess hall
Thawing  Methods
High-quality lamb has a smooth covering of clear, white, brittle fat over most of the exterior. The lean portion is pinkish red in color, fine in texture, and velvety in appearance.  GMs  use  only  boneless  leg  roast. RABBIT Like other lean meats such as poultry and fish, rabbit is  also  a  good  source  of  high-quality  protein.  The military procures ready-to-cook, cutup frozen rabbit. The usual method of preparation is frying. OTHER MEAT ITEMS Other meat items that are used in the GM are as follows: .  Beef  liver  is  available  in  portion-cut  4-ounce slices. . Corned beef is a frozen product commercially prepared by pickling boneless brisket, rump, or other selected beef cuts in a salt solution (brine). Also, it may be used for such entrées as corned beef and cabbage or for sandwiches. .  Dried  beef  is  a  frozen  product  commercially prepared  from  beef  rounds  cured  with  sugar  and  salt, dried, and sliced paper thin. It is normally used for creamed chipped beef on toast. .  Sausage  is  finely  or  coarsely  chopped  meat (pork, beef, or combination of beef and pork), seasoned with spices and herbs, that is stuffed into edible casings. Depending on the type of sausage, it may be cooked or uncooked.  Check  the  label  for  cooking  instructions. Types of sausages available include the following: Pork sausage is uncooked and available in 1- to 6-pound rolls and in 3-ounce patties. Breakfast  sausage  (beef  and  pork)  is  a  precooked, link-style sausage; no preparation is needed except heating. Breakfast   sausage,   all   beef,   is   an   uncooked, link-style sausage. Specialty sausages can be served as a sandwich or an entrée. The following varieties are available: Bockwurst and bratwurst are prepared from pork or beef  or  a  combination.  They  are  seasoned  with spices and herbs and require cooking. Knockwurst is a highly seasoned sausage prepared from  beef.  It  requires  cooking. Italian  sausage  is  available  either  mild  (sweet)  or hot. It is prepared from pork and requires cooking. Pepperoni  is  a  precooked,  highly  seasoned  beef sausage. It is available whole or diced. Polish sausage is a highly seasoned, thick, long smoked  pork,  or  pork  and  beef  sausage  that  is cooked.  It  is  also  know  as  kielbasa.  It  requires heating. .  Other  types  of  specialty  meats  include  the following: Pastrami is precooked. It is commercially produced by curing and smoking beef with spices. Pastrami is usually served as hot slices in sandwiches. Chitterlings are small pork intestines. They are available frozen or canned (raw or precooked). Pigs’ feet are the front feet of a pig. The product is raw and requires cooking. Cold  cuts,  including  pressed  ham,  pickle  and pimento  loaf,  turkey  roll,  bologna,  salami,  luncheon meat, thuringer, and liver sausage, once thawed, are sliced  and  served  for  sandwiches  or  cold-cut platters. Bologna, salami, and luncheon meat may be grilled and served as breakfast meats. Frankfurters,  popularly  called  hot  dogs  or  wieners, are similar to sausage products, but are always precooked.  Only  heating  is  required  before  serving. After heating, they may be served in a sandwich roll (hot dog) or as an entrée; for example, frankfurters and baked beans. There are two sizes: regular (10 links  per  pound)  and  one-fourth  pound. Scrapple  is  available  frozen.  It  is  made  from cornmeal,  pork  scraps,  and  seasonings.  To  prepare, thaw,  slice  and  fry.  Check  the  label  directions. Scrapple is usually served at breakfast. GENERAL PREPARATION AND COOKING METHODS Most of the meat procured for use in Navy messes is  frozen.  Handling  procedures,  before  and  after cooking, are extremely important in regard to sanitation as  well  as  to  economy  and  palatability.  Meat  is  a potentially  hazardous  food.  Frozen  meat,  improperly thawed,  can  become  contaminated  with  bacteria Uncovered meat surfaces are a perfect area for bacterial growth;  therefore,  long  exposure  of  the  moist  surface  to air should be avoided. Improper thawing also causes an 6-6

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