Quantcast Helpful Hints for Improved Time Management

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Page Title: Helpful Hints for Improved Time Management
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Don't Let Fire Fighting Become a Full-Time Occupation
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Chapter 9 - Visits, Inspections, and Meetings
production reviews are done, Chief Taylor completes scheduled paper work and goes home. The weekend finds the entire zone, including Chief Taylor, enjoying a  family  picnic  and  celebrating  the  success  of  the month. DIVISION OFFICER PLANNING GUIDE In addition to your required planners, you may want to order a division officer planning guide from supply. These guides are extremely helpful as ticklers for general military dates and deadlines. They also contain helpful reminders for providing feedback to subordinates. ZS  PLANNING  TICKLER Appendix II provides a planning tickler for ZSs. Many items on the list can be used at the RINC level as well. ZSs can use the tickler as it is or transfer the information to index cards to make their own working tickler file. The  tickler  can  help  save  you  from last-minute projects that interfere with a well-planned schedule. You  can  undoubtedly  add  items  to  the planning tickler to make it work better for you. HELPFUL  HINTS  FOR IMPROVED TIME  MANAGEMENT Time is a great equalizer of people. No one has more  of  it  than  anyone  else.  Some,  however,  have learned to make better use of their allotment than others. Time  must  be  viewed  as  a  valuable commodity.  Once  used  up,  it  cannot  be  regained. The  good  news  is  each  day  will  bring  a  renewed resource and we can learn to make wiser choices for its use. The following hints are provided as food for thought: l   Make a “to-do” list for tomorrow before you secure  each  day. l    Prioritize    each    item    on    your    list    by importance  and  urgency. l    Determine  if  any  of  the  activities  can  be delegated. l    Set a starting time for projects on your to-do list. l  Don’t  procrastinate. l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l Try doing unpleasant tasks first to get them out of the way. Avoid distractions that eat up your time. Don’t let paper work pile up. Leave a clean desk each day. Free yourself from clutter. Get rid of what you don’t need. Handle incoming paper only once; act on it, file it, or throw it away. Keep  organized  files  so  you  won’t  waste  time finding  what  you  need. Control your telephone and socializing time. Don’t be shy about telling others that you are busy. Don’t  put  off  decision  making.  Small  matters should be decided on quickly. Larger issues may need time for research, but don’t delay the  decision  after  you  have  the  necessary background. You are not only wasting your time,  but  possibly  your  subordinate’s  as  well. Complete  one  task  before  you  start  another. Don’t overcommit yourself. Identify sources of wasted time and make a plan to reduce or eliminate them. Use   the   most   efficient   method   of communication.  Don’t  plan  a  meeting  if  a memo or phone call can serve your purpose. Do  it  right  the  first  time.  Band-aid  fixes usually  wind  up  costing  more  time  later. Develop  effective  listening  skills  and  use  the feedback  loop  to  ensure  understanding  of tasks assigned to and by you. Set clear-cut goals and make sure activities planned  contribute  to  their  attainment. Simplify  your  work,  whenever  possible. Combine  tasks,  reduce  the  frequency,  change the  order  of  steps,  and  eliminate  unnecessary steps or the task itself if feasible. 8-23

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