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Page Title: Marking the ASVAB
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Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Figure 6-12.-ASVAB print materials
and training opportunities in the military services. It also helps recruiters in efficiently contacting students based  on  the  students’  plans  and  abilities.  The  ASVAB is the most widely used vocational aptitude battery in the country. About 1 million students in some 14,000 high  schools  and  postsecondary  institutions  participate in the program each year, Although you represent the Navy specifically, the ASVAB is a DOD test and must be  presented  as  such.  It  is  also  to  your  benefit,  in talking  with  educators  and  students,  to  stress  the joint-service nature of the test. This approach gives you the widest market appeal. MARKETING THE ASVAB.–  One of recruiters’ important responsibilities is to arrange for testing in the schools. Each   year the   schools   are   divided proportionately among the military services by the local Interservice  Recruitment  Committee  (IRC).  This committee  is  made  up  of  local  recruiting  unit  COs. Each  recruiting  station  receives  a  list  of  schools  for which  they  are  responsible  for  scheduling  the  ASVAB. Many  schools  already  usc  the  test  annually,  and recruiters will only have to arrange for them to continue testing. RINCs should review all school folders before the school year begins to determine what efforts should be  made  for  ASVAB  marketing.  Some  schools  may  test only certain grades, make test participation optional, or decline the testing entirely. The ED SPEC is responsible for  introducing  and  selling  the  ASVAB  to  education administrators.  Initial  efforts  will  be  made  by  the recruiter assigned to the school. The RINC and ZS also should  become  involved  if  there  is  a  problem  with scheduling student testing in a school. Our goal is to test as many students as possible in grades 10 through 12,   Freshmen   are   not   tested.   You   should   try   to encourage  mandatory  testing  in  all  schools.  Sell  the counselor  on  the  overall  benefits  of  percentile comparisons when the entire grade is tested. Mandatory testing   may   result   in   some   students   willfully misrepresenting  their  abilities  on  the  test,  but  the  goal of  market  identification  is  still  accomplished.  The preferred  grade  for  mandatory  testing  is  grade  11. ASVAB scores are good for 2 years from the date of the test, so they will still be valid when the student graduates. The obvious benefit is that you will have your 11S market identified and partially blueprinted before the school year begins. SCHEDULING THE ASVAB.–  When   scheduling the ASVAB, recruiters should obtain a preferred and alternate date for testing from the school official. These dates  are  coordinated  with  the  master  testing  schedule maintained  by  the  Chief,  Testing  Management  Section (CTMS)   at   each   MEPS.   Test   dates   have   to   be satisfactory to both the school and the CTMS. When a test  date  must  be  changed,  every  effort  is  made  to accommodate  the  school.  The  CTMS  also  must  be advised of the number of students to be tested so the test  administrator  will  bring  adequate  materials  on testing  day. PUBLICIZING THE ASVAB.–  Recruiters   should meet  with  school  officials  and  develop  a  plan  to publicize   the   ASVAB.   The   plan   should   include provisions for addressing student assemblies, faculty meetings,  and  parent-teacher  organizations;  providing and distributing ASVAB promotional materials; placing articles in school newspapers; and, when appropriate, sending news releases to local media. Recruiters may want to conduct a phone blitz to juniors and seniors reminding them of ASVAB test dates. The object is to attract as many students as possible to take the test. The more  pretest  activity  that  is  generated,  the  more successful  the  turnout.  Materials  that  will  help  in promoting the ASVAB are shown in figure 6-12. PROCTORING   THE   ASVAB.–   Test   security requires  a  minimum  of  1  proctor  for  every  40  students to be tested. You can request the school furnish these proctors.  However,  if  school  proctors  are  not  available, arrangements  must  be  made  for  military  proctors.  The recruiter responsible for the school should always be present for ASVAB administration. Usually the local IRC will establish procedures for arranging military proctors.  They  may  notify  the  responsible  service  to arrange  for  them,  or  notify  each  service  of  the  number of proctors they should provide. Whether the school is a  Navy-assigned  school  or  not,  always  check  on arrangements  before  test  day.  Absolutely  no  recruiting activities  are  allowed  during  the  administration  of  the ASVAB. TEST  SCORE  RESULTS.–  ASVAB  scores  are reported to the school in the form of percentiles. This means that each student’s performance on the test is compared with a representative sample of American youth   that   is   considered   the   base   of   reference population. For example, if a student scored at the 45th percentile on the composite, that student did as well or better than 45 percent of the people in the reference population.  Juniors,  seniors,  and  postsecondary  students receive  two  sets  of  percentile  scores.  One  set  compares them to students of the same grade and sex, and the other  set  compares  them  to  the  total  reference population. The Counselor Summary compares scores to all students of the same grade and students of the 6-39

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