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Page Title: Training Records
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Chapter 2 - Training
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Figure 2-1A.ľNavy Recruiting Personnel Record, NAVCRUIT Form 1500/1 (front)
F O R M A L     T R A I N I N G     B Y     T H E RECRUITER-IN-CHARGE    DURING    STATION TRAINING.– Recruiters-in-charge  (RINCs)  may  conduct professional training during regularly scheduled station training unless the NRD training plan requires that it be conducted at a higher level. This allows the RINC to personalize the training and maintain station ownership. The  same  “no  interruption  policy”  discussed  previously should  apply. TRAINING RECORDS A  training  record  must  be  maintained  for  each individual at his or her respective Navy recruiting station (NRS). Training jackets are issued to every recruiter graduating  from  Enlisted  Navy  Recruiting  Orientation (ENRO). Members should take the record with them upon transfer. All training records should contain the Navy recruiting personnel record, training syllabuses, the indoctrination  training  record,  the  NRS  indoctrination training  record,  the  indoctrination  completion  letter,  and the RQS qualification card. Navy Recruiting Personnel Record The   Navy   Recruiting   Personnel   Record, NAVCRUIT Form 1500/1, shown in figures 2-1A and 2-1B, must be completed for all recruiting personnel. It contains  personal  data,  current  and  historical.  You should make sure these records are current and up to date each month. Completion of the annual evaluation, leave  record,  and  disciplinary  record  sections  is  optional. Every  supervisor  should  take  time  to  note  information provided on these forms. It’s all part of knowing your people.   Take   particular   note   of   family   members, previous  positions,  and  recruiting  goals.  This  form  is  a great icebreaker during check-in. Training  Syllabus The Training Syllabus, NAVCRUIT Form 1500/2, is a log of all training an individual has received (GMT, formal,  OJT,  and  RQS).  The  individual  conducting  the training  or  the  immediate  supervisor  should  document this  log  and  initial  the  entry  by  column  following  each training subject. Preprinted forms are not desired. After each training evolution, the training syllabus entry can serve as a summary of training with the individual. It provides an additional opportunity to ask questions and verify  training  effectiveness.  Be  very  specific  when making  the  entries,    especially  when  logging  OJT. Instead of entering Sales as the subject, list specific steps  or  methods  you  trained  to  –  for  example, “Sales  –  Methods  of  establishing  rapport  during  initial conversation  step.”  Not  only  does  this  serve  as  a reminder to you when reviewing training records, it also reinforces  to  the  individual  what  training  has  been accomplished.  Figure  2-2  shows  a  properly  documented training  syllabus. Indoctrination  Training  Record The  indoctrination  training  record  for  enlisted recruiters and spouse orientation is instrumental in familiarizing reporting personnel in the organization, procedures, and policies throughout the NRD. Briefings that  spouses  should  attend  are  marked  with  an  asterisk. You   should   encourage   spouses   to   attend   the indoctrination training. Remember that they too are entering a new environment. Indoctrination training should be completed within 2 working days from date of  reporting  to  the  Area  or  NRD.  This  should  be conducted  during  initial  check-in.  These  completed indoctrination training records are maintained in the individual’s  training  jacket. Navy Recruiting Station Indoctrination for Enlisted Production  Recruiters  and  Support  Personnel Production  recruiters  also  must  complete  the  NRS indoctrination  within  30  calendar  days  from  date  of reporting to the NRS. The RINC of the indoctrinating NRS  will  initial  and  date  each  training  item.  This indoctrination  differs  from  that  conducted  at  the  NRD. Although some of the information is given in the form of briefings, most is accomplished on the road. In other words, it is  show-and-tell  training.  The  RINC  and departing recruiter should accompany the new recruiter to his or her territory and introduce him or her to school officials,  centers  of  influence  (COIs),  media  personnel, and the zone ombudsman. The RINC will prospect in all modes, conduct a sales interview, and make a school visit with the new recruiter in attendance. This hands-on training   is   the   most   important   part   of   the   NRS indoctrination. The new recruiter has the basics from ENRO; now he or she needs to see them put into action. Completed indoctrination training records are maintained in  individual  training  jackets. Indoctrination Completion Letter After indoctrination training, the RINC will file the original indoctrination  completion letter   in   the individual’s training jacket and forward a copy to the training officer for inclusion in the command’s training file. 2-2

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