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Page Title: You Will Set the Tone
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Knowledge Skills Required by CRF Personnel
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Motivating the Personnel at a New Zone or Station
you have a certain amount of power, not over them, but for  them.  Constantly  fleeting  problems  up  the  chain  or not supporting your troops will result in a loss of your power. Loss of that power amounts to losing owner- ship.  Being  decisive  and  taking  total  responsibility  for your station or zone gives you power – you need to gain the confidence and trust of your team as well as your superiors. Keep in mind that, once you give up your power or ownership, it’s pretty tough to get it back. To illustrate the point consider the following situation: Two zones in an NRD missed goal last month. The CR asked both ZSs what had happened. l Chief Small said his recruiters just got lazy and didn’t prospect enough. He said he kept telling them they were behind, but they didn’t listen. Chief Small said he really could use some good RINCs. l Chief Good said she had been a bit too late in identifying training needs in two stations. She said she had   already   rectified   the   problem   and   would   be following up weekly until they were back on track. She also told the CR that she had implemented a tickler system to monitor training needs and make sure this problem would not happen again. Chief Good said her zone was motivated and ready to meet the new month’s goal. Chief  Small  did  not  accept  the  responsibility  for missing goal. By blaming his subordinates, having no plan  of  action,  and  admitting  his  lack  of  leadership ability, he gave away his power. Chief Small forced the CR to take control and direct the course of action for the zone. Chief  Good,  on  the  other  hand,  did  accept responsibility  for  her  zone.  She  was  already  enacting  a solution and had taken steps to make sure the problem did not recur. The CR could trust that Chief Good was on top of the situation and allow her to keep control of the  zone. You Will Set the Tone As a recruiting supervisor, you will set the tone for your  folks.  They  will  look  to  you  as  the  seasoned professional  to  let  them  know  what  is  important. Remember,  you  get  what  you  inspect,  not  what  you expect. Be involved. Be positive. If you believe, they can  believe. MOTIVATIONAL SKILLS Recruiting supervisors   must   understand   what motivates   their   people   and   how   to   increase   that motivation  to  be  successful.  Some  textbooks  tell  us  there are  three  types  of  motivation:  hammer,  carrot,  and internal. Hammer The hammer method is motivation based on the subordinate’s fear of retribution. There are times when a   hammer   method   can   serve   as   a   short-term attention-getter.  It  can  only  work  in  the  short  term because  it  has  such  a  negative  impact  on  attitude. Recruiting  is  a  job  that  requires  a  positive  mental attitude.  The  hammer  method  does  nothing  to  promote positive attitudes. Before using the hammer method, think of the result. Will there be a benefit in the long run? Carrot The   carrot   method   of   motivation   consists   of rewarding  good  behavior.  Recruiting  is  replete  with awards that contribute to carrot motivation. They are motivators for the award recipient as well as those who may  envy  the  recognition.  Carrot  motivation  can  be  as simple as saying “Well done” or patting a person on the back.  Even  positive  motivators,  however,  have  their limits. What happens when the “love me” wall is full? When recruiters attain all the awards that are available, they may tend to lose motivation and momentum. Internal Many people believe the only true motivation is internal  motivation.  It  must  come  from  within  the individual.  So,  if  the  only  effective,  long-term motivation  is  internal,  what  can  supervisors  do  to motivate their personnel? Our job is to stir up the internal fires, encourage, and  help  every  individual  to  find  that  internal  “go” button  that  will  make  them  successful.  One  motivational speaker compared motivating others to stoking a fire. When a fire has died down to just a few hot coals, you take  a  few  healthy  jabs  with  a  poker.  Pretty  soon, without having added anything at all, you have a nice roaring fire again. Recruiting supervisors need to be fire stokers. 1-5

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