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Page Title: Naval Reserve Examining Boards
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Recommendation For Advancement In Rate Or Change of Rating (Worksheet)
Personnelman 1 & C - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 3-4.-Examination administration days
also may be a member of a local examining board. He or she, however, may not act as the senior member. A master chief, senior chief, or chief petty officer, considered by the CO to have sufficient expertise to function as advisor to the examining board may be designated as an assistant board member. However, except  as  specified  in  paragraph  601  of  BUPERSINST 1430.16D, he or she may not be assigned custody of advancement  examinations.  Assistant  board  members must be designated in writing and are governed by the same  requirements  as  regular  board  members. All  members  of  the  examining  board  for  CT examinations must hold an interim or final Top Secret clearance and be currently indoctrinated for SCI. When a full examining board cannot be convened, a minimum of  one  commissioned  officer  possessing  the  correct clearance may administer CT examinations. his can be done  only  when  two  qualified  examining  board members  are  not  available. NAVAL RESERVE EXAMINING BOARDS The CO of each Naval Reserve center, Naval Air reserve  activity,  and  Naval  Reserve  Force  ship  appoints a  local  examining  board  consisting  of  officers  assigned to local units to conduct the standard advancement examinations. Under the supervision of the responsible CO, boards carry out the preceding requirements for administration  of  the  examining  board.  COs  also provide supervision and guidance to examining hoards to make sure proper procedures are followed according to  BUPERSINST  1430.16D. When  a  Reserve  center  provides  support  to  a Reserve  facility  without  an  active  duty  OIC,  an  inactive duty  Naval  Reserve  officer,  or  an  officer  from  each supported facility must be a member of the examining board of the parent reserve center instead of establishing a separate examining board for each facility. DUTIES OF EXAMINING BOARDS Examining  boards  administer  examinations,  furnish necessary  material,  give  complete  instructions  on examination  procedures,  and  forward  Navywide examinations to other activities for usc by personnel transferred or in a transient or leave status on the scheduled  examination  date. PREPARATION FOR ADMINISTRATION Approximately   3   weeks   before   the   scheduled examination date, the local examining board’s senior member conducts a meeting of the examining board to review all directives about the advancement system and explain any new procedures. The examining board must plan  for  adequate  examining  rooms,  identify  proctors  to assist in the administration of the examination, schedule examination  times,  provide  materials  required  to administer the examinations, and provide secure storage for  examinations  and  materials. ESOs and personnel office supervisors must make sure  approximately  10  days  before  the  scheduled  date of  examination  that  worksheets  for  all  candidates  are sent to the examining board. At that time, the examining board  will  do  the  following: Make sure an examination is available for each candidate with a worksheet. If necessary, obtain an excess examination from a local command. If that is not possible,  consider  splitting  an  examination  booklet  with a candidate taking the same examination. If the senior board member or ESO is not able to obtain an excess examination or a split one, a substitute examination must be   ordered   per   paragraph   502   of   BUPERSINST 1430.16D. Check for loss or compromise of examinations. Prepare a seating arrangement that will provide maxi mum comfort consistent with available facilities. Make  sure  candidates  taking  examinations  in  the  same rating are not seated next to or across from one another. In addition, examining board members must recognize that  smoking  will  not  be  allowed  during  the examination. REQUIRED  MATERIALS Before  the  administration  of  the  examination, candidates  will  be  provided  the  following  materials  that may not be applicable to all candidates: Completed NAVEDTRA 1430/2 (worksheet) for each  candidate. One unopened examination for the appropriate rating and paygrade. One  answer  sheet.  Only  the  NETPDC  1430/2 blue  answer  sheet  is  authorized. Scratch  paper. One lead pencil. Candidates must use a number 1 or electrographic black lead pencil. Maneuvering  boards,  parallel  rulers,  and  dividers as appropriate for candidates for the Quartermaster, 3-13

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