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Page Title: Preparation of Personal Award Recommendation Form
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Figure   1-2.—Notice
Personnelman 1 & C - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 1-3.—Personal Award Recommendation. OPNAV 1650/3, form
Notices Notices are directives of a one-time or brief nature that have a self-canceling provision. A sample notice format is shown in figure 1-2. They have the same force and effect as instructions. Notices usually remain in effect for less than 6 months, but are not permitted to remain in effect for longer than 1 year. Any requirements for  continuing  action  contained  in  notices,  such  as  the submission  of  reports,  use  of  forms,  or  following specified  procedures,  are  considered  to  be  canceled when the notices are canceled. Requirements may be incorporated  into  another  suitable  document,  thereby continuing  their  validity. PREPARATION OF DIRECTIVES The Department of the Navy Directives Issuance System Manual, SECNAVINST 5215.1C, establishes the rules and guidelines used to prepare directives. As a senior PN, you maybe required to draft instructions and notices.  SECNAVINST  5215.1C  provides  you  with  the necessary information to perform these important tasks. The  establishment  of  Navywide  directives  preparation guidelines  assures  the  uniformity  of  format  regardless of  type  or  location  of  command. PREPARATION OF PERSONAL AWARD RECOMMENDATION FORM A recommendation for an award maybe submitted by  any  officer  senior  to  the  individual  being recommended   having   knowledge   of   an   act, achievement, or service that warrants such award. The award recommendation must be submitted promptly following  the  act,  achievement,  or  service  upon  which it is based. A recommendation originated by other than the   commanding   officer   (CO)   of   the   individual concerned  must  be  forwarded  to  his  or  her  CO  for endorsement. A  recommendation  for  a  personal  decoration  is prepared  on  the  Personal  Award  Recommendation, OPNAV 1650/3, form. Block by block instructions for filling out OPNAV 1650/3 are contained in appendix B to   chapter   2   of   SECNAVINST   1650.1F.   When additional space is required, sheets of standard size paper may be used. A separate OPNAV 1650/3 must be used for each award being recommended. Since each award recommendation is evaluated on the merits of the justification, the summary of action part of the recommendation form is required in all cases. The individual recommending an award must present an objective  summary  giving  specific  examples  of  the performance  and  manner  of  accomplishing  it  together with the results and benefits derived. The amount of detail   and   supporting   documentation   required depends on the circumstances and the nature of the award being recommended, but in general, a single page  is  sufficient.  Figure  1-3  shows  a  sample  of  a blank OPNAV 1650/3. A   proposed   citation   must   accompany   the recommendation. The citation is a condensation of the required summary of action. The citation must be factual and  cannot  contain  classified  information.  Noncombat citations are limited to 22 typewritten lines. In no case should  citations  exceed  one  typewritten  page.  Refer  to chapter  2  of  SECNAVINST  1650.1F  for  additional information. POLICY  CONSIDERATIONS Awards  are  important  symbols  of  recognition. They  are  a  means  of  publicly  recognizing  and rewarding extraordinary, exceptionally meritorious, or  conspicuously  outstanding  acts  of  heroism  and other acts or services. They are above and beyond acts that are normally expected and that distinguish the individual   from   those   performing   similar   acts   of services. The use of military decorations and awards provides incentives  for  greater  effort  and  better  morale. Individuals who deserve to be recognized should be rewarded  whenever  possible. Recognition  of  sustained  superior  performance should  normally  be  accorded  an  individual  at  the termination of the period during which that person demonstrated that performance, such as at the end of the assigned  tour  of  duty.  A  routine  end-of-tour  award  is, however, not to be considered an integral part of the awards  system. SUBMISSION  OF  RECOMMENDATIONS Allow 2 months for the administrative processing of  award  recommendations.  Allow  3  months  (90  days) for recommendations submitted through a lengthy chain of  command. Classified  recommendations  can  be  submitted; however, the highest classification that can be routinely handled is Secret. If information classified higher than Secret is essential for proper adjudication, it should be submitted  separately. 1-5

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