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Page Title: Rate and Extent of Assistance
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Chapter III Tuition Assistance and Enlisted Advancement System
Personnelman 1 & C - Military manual for government personnel administration
appellate leave are not eligible for TA. Service members convicted  by  foreign  courts,  serving  sentences  in  foreign prisons,  and  pending  administrative  vice  punitive discharge are not eligible for TA. The prospective student must be counseled by a Navy Campus education specialist before authorization of TA. Navy Campus establishes an education file for first-time TA users. TA applicants serviced by mail are counseled by phone or mail, and an education plan is developed and held by the responsible Navy Campus office. Personnel  of  other  U.S.  military  services  (and members of the Coast Guard) who are attached to Navy commands must meet the eligibility criteria of their parent service when they apply for Navy TA. However, TA authorized to members of other services will be paid at  the  rate  of  authorization  for  Navy  personnel. APPROVED  INSTITUTIONS The criteria for determining TA eligibility of an institution  is  accreditation  by  either  a  regional  or national  accrediting  agency  recognized  by  the  Council on  Postsecondary  Accreditation  (COPA)  and  identified in  the  current  issue  of  Accredited   Institutions   of Postsecondary Education published by the American Council  on  Education  (ACE).  Schools  in  candidacy status are not approved for TA. Schools in probation status  are  approved  for  TA. Institutions  that  grant  diplomas,  certificates,  and associate,  baccalaureate,  or  graduate  degrees  must  be accredited by one of the regional or national accrediting commissions as shown in Navy Voluntary Education Programs,  CNETINST   1560.3D. Those  institutions  offering  independent  study courses  must  not  only  meet  the  criteria  discussed previously   and   in   CNETINST   1560.3D   and   be accredited by national accreditation agencies, but must also be listed in the Defense  Activity  for  Non-Traditional Education  Support  (DANTES)  Independent   Study Catalog,   DOD  1322.8,  the  DANTES  Catalog   of External Degree Programs, or the Guide to National Home  Study  Council  Schools  (NHSC),   and   the American Association of Bible Colleges (AABC) to be eligible  for  TA. Certain foreign universities may be approved for TA; however, such institutions must be individually approved by the Naval Education and Training Program Management Support Activity (NETPMSA), Code 043, Pensacola,  Florida. RATE AND EXTENT OF ASSISTANCE Federal law provides for multiple levels of TA. The level  of  assistance  for  Navy  personnel  meeting  the eligibility requirements is capped as follows: 75 percent of a maximum of $125 per credit hour not to exceed $285 per course for undergraduate courses (classroom or independent study). 75 percent of a maximum of $175 per credit hour not to exceed $395 per course for graduate courses (classroom or independent study). For  vocational  technical  courses  measured  in clock hours, TA will fund 75 percent of the clock hour cost  in  increments  as  discussed  in  paragraph  304.4  of CNETINST  1560.3D. For  approved  independent  study  courses  not measured  in  clock  or  semester  hours  of  credit,  the maximum allowable level of Navy support is capped at 75 percent of the cost of the course not to exceed $1,000 per  course.  TA  for  independent  study  courses  is reimbursed  to  the  student  after  successful  completion  of the course. TA  funds  75  percent  of  tuition  after  any scholarships,  grants,  or  fellowships  have  been  deducted; for  example,  75  percent  of  the  cost  to  the  student. Related course fees may also be included in addition to the cost of tuition for calculation of assistance borne by the Navy. The  level  of  assistance  available  to  Navy members who do not have a high school diploma is 100 percent  for  high  school  completion  courses  and instructional  related  fees. Direct expenses for instruction such as laboratory, studio, and shop fees, materials, and supplies that will be  consumable  over  the  duration  of  the  course  are included  in  the  computation  of  education  expenses covered  by  the  75  percent  limitation  for  off-duty education, provided these costs are based on specific fees  or  changes  customarily  levied  by  educational institutions. The  established  maximums  do  not  mean  that  the Navy  guarantees  to  pay  the  full  amounts.  Budget constraints may require TA policy changes. Applicants  must  be  counseled  by  a  Navy  Campus education  specialist  concerning  education  goals  before receiving approval for TA. 3-2

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