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Chapter XIII Naval Reserve Program, Reenlistment Incentive Programs, and Separations
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Training and Administration of Reserve Program
l l l Attend at least 90 percent of regularly scheduled drills Perform annual training which is 12 to 14 days each year Meet  annual  physical  qualifications Additional   information   and   requirements   are contained in the  Administrative  Procedures  for  Naval Reservists on Inactive Duty,  BUPERSINST  1001.39. BENEFITS Some benefits the member earns by being a Naval Reservist   include   pay,   bonuses,   uniforms,   and advancement. Pay Reservists assigned to a drill pay billet receive 1 day’s  basic  pay  for  each  drill  satisfactorily  performed. The minimum period for a drill for pay purposes is 4 continuous hours. Reservists perform two drill periods a day totaling four drill periods during a drill weekend. Some programs, such as Naval Reserve Force ships, special   boat   units,   and   aviation   squadrons   offer opportunities  to  perform  additional  paid  drills.  Full  pay and  allowances,  except  VHA,  are  earned  during  annual training  (AT)  performed  in  a  pay  status.  Members under  duty  in  a  flying  status  involving  operational  or training flights (DIFOT) orders may also earn aviation career incentive pay during both drill and AT periods. Also, other hazardous duty pay, such as diving and demolition, may be earned during AT. Information on types of drills are contained in the  Administrative Procedures  for  Naval  Reservists  on  Inactive  Duty BUPERSINST  1001.39. Computation of Drill Pay Drill pay is computed on the basis of the member’s paygrade  and  length  of  service.  The  monthly  basic  pay, as applicable, is divided by 30 to provide the daily pay a  member  receives  for  each  drill  completed.  The training category of the member determines the number of authorized drills for which a member may be paid during the fiscal year. Computation of Annual Training Pay AT pay is computed on the basis of the member’s paygrade and length of service. The basic pay, BAQ, COMRATS/BAS, as applicable, are divided by 30 to provide the daily pay a member receives for each day of AT  performed. Affiliation  Bonus Individuals  in  certain  ratings  in  the  Selected Reserve who have completed their term of obligated service  and  have  no  remaining  mandatory  drilling obligation  at  the  time  of  affiliation  are  eligible  for  an affiliation bonus. Affiliation bonuses provide incentive for  personnel  who  have  been  released  from  active  duty, with some military service obligation remaining, to affiliate with the Selected Reserve for the remainder of their  military  service  obligation. Additional  information  concerning  the  affiliation bonus is contained in the  Administrative  Procedures  for Naval  Reservists  on  Inactive 1001.39. Reenlistment Bonus Certain  ratings  within  the Duty, BUPERSINST Selected Reserve are eligible for reenlistment incentives while assigned to a Reserve  Unit.  Reenlistment  incentives  may  be  offered in  ratings  where  critical  shortages  exist  in  the  Selected Reserve. Additional  information  concerning  the  reenlistment incentive  programs  available  are  contained  in  the Administrative  Procedures  for  Naval  Reservists  on Inactive Duty,  BUPERSINST  1001.39. Uniforms The initial clothing issue of enlisted personnel, who are below the E-7 paygrade, must be retained throughout the member’s period of obligated service. Those who reenlist and affiliate with a Reserve unit more than 90 days  after  discharge  are  entitled  to  a  new  issue  of clothing, if the prior issue is no longer serviceable. Additionally,  unserviceable  clothing  items  may  be exchanged  for  new  on  a  one-for-one  basis  while assigned to a Naval Reserve unit. Officers  and  chief  petty  officers  are  eligible  to receive a periodic uniform maintenance allowance. Advancement When  regular  Navy  personnel  with  remaining obligated service are transferred to the Naval Reserve to  complete  their  obligation,  they  retain  their  rate  by timely  affiliation  with  a  drilling  unit  of  a  Reserve component. Other Reserve personnel, upon release 13-2

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