Quantcast Chapter I Dynamics of the Personnelman Rating

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Page Title: Chapter I Dynamics of the Personnelman Rating
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Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Personnel Support Activity Detachments - 14214_12
CHAPTER 1 DYNAMICS OF THE PERSONNELMAN RATING The Navy Personnelman (PN), as the name im- plies, is someone who works in a personnel-related field and is normally assigned to a personnel office. In today’s  Navy,  the  PN  carries  out  a  broad  range  of duties, including typing and recordkeeping, interview- ing and counseling, writing official letters and reports, and maintaining the officer and enlisted service re- cords. These are fundamental responsibilities in the PN rating, but they are not the only ones assigned to PNs. In fact, this rating is so broad that there are many responsibilities we will not be able to cover within the scope  of  this  training  manual  (TRAMAN). SCOPE OF THIS TRAMAN In this TRAMAN, we will focus our attention on the  important  duties  and  responsibilities  that  are  most frequently assigned to PNs in paygrades E-4 and E-5. We will concentrate on the duties performed and the knowledge  required  by  the  Personnelman  third  class and  second  class  based  on  the  most  current  Navy enlisted  occupational  standards. HOW TO USE THIS TRAMAN Remember,  you  cannot  rely  solely  on  the information presented in this TRAMAN to accomplish your job as a PN. Remember also that the scope of the information   provided   in   this   manual   is   basic information   you   should   know   as   you   grow   and progress in the PN field. Throughout  this  TRAMAN,  you  will  encounter specific terminology associated with the PN rating. As a   study   aid,   the   glossary   in   the   back   provides explanations that may help you better understand what you are reading. Use this glossary whenever you have questions concerning certain terms and/or acronyms that  you  may  not  understand. As you read the information, keep in mind that you are responsible for keeping yourself up to date in all areas of your rating and career. At the time it was printed, this TRAMAN contained current information. However,  by  the  time  you  obtain  this  self-study TRAMAN/NRTC training package and begin to use it,  some  of  this  information  will  be  superseded  by newer information. We advise you to keep an open mind and stay alert as to whether or not the information is  the  most  up-to-date  information  you  should  use according  to  the  most  current  official  policies  and practices of your rating and the Navy. UNDERSTANDING YOUR RATING Your  duties  and  responsibilities  will  involve  deal- ing with people and maintaining the records that rep- resent  their  lives.  Among  all  the  duties  and responsibilities you may encounter as a member of the PN rating, one stands out as the most important— you must be able to work and deal with people. Record- keeping will also be an important part of your job. The importance  of  accurate  recordkeeping  throughout  the Navy cannot be overemphasized. From the standpoint of  the  Navy,  records  provide  a  ready  reference  source to past events and policies and help in making future decisions. For the individual, records provide a source of reference to past accomplishments, awards, train- ing, performance, and other important information relative to his or her naval career. Remember, a Navy member’s  service  record  represents  his  or  her  life. As a PN, you are entrusted by the Navy to take care of its most valuable asset—its people. As you read this chapter,  you  may  notice  that  most  of  the  information will  focus  on  your  responsibility  to  provide  good customer service to Navy people. Understanding the significance  of  providing  good  customer  service  is fundamental to your rating and is the most important step you can take to become a better PN. After studying the information in this chapter, you should be able to recognize  the  important  transactions  that  take  place  in a Navy personnel office. You also should be able to identify the fundamentals of good customer service and the ways in which you, the PN, can provide the best service to the Navy’s people. THE PERSONNEL OFFICE In   many   ways,   the   personnel   office   is   an administrative  control  center  within  a  command. Numerous  pay  and  personnel  actions  that  directly impact on naval personnel are performed out of this 1-1

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