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Page Title: Chapter V Enlisted Service Records
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Case Files Establishment and Maintenance
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Comepleteness of Service Records
ENLISTED CHAPTER 5 SERVICE RECORDS One of your most important responsibilities as a Personnelman (PN), will be to maintain the enlisted service  records  of  personnel  attached  to  your  command. This chapter will talk about your responsibilities for maintaining enlisted service records and why your role is  so  important. Although  each  enlisted  service member shares the responsibility for making sure his or her service record is accurate and up to date, you the PN, must make sure you do your part. In your office, you will have physical possession of these records. You will be assigned the job of maintaining them properly, completely, and accurately. You will be required and expected  to  do  this.  The  people  of  your  command  will depend on you and trust in your personal integrity. After studying the information in this chapter, you should be able to explain the importance of the enlisted service records, why your role in the maintenance of these records is so critical, and the actions you should take  to  keep  these  records  accurate  and  current.  You should also be able to recognize the general form of the enlisted  service  record  and  identify  the  documents  that belong on the left and right sides, explain the purpose of each page, describe the appropriate entries required for  each  page,  and  recognize  the  procedures  you  should follow to make the required changes and corrections to keep the information in these records accurate and up to date. You should also be able to describe the uses and requirements  for  submission  of  enlisted  performance evaluation  reports  and  the  eligibility  criteria  for  good conduct awards. Finally, you should be able to explain the significance of the verification, accountability, and disposition  procedures  of  enlisted  service  records. IMPORTANCE  OF  ENLISTED SERVICE  RECORDS Have you ever asked yourself what the significance of the enlisted service record really is? Did you know that the information in a member’s service record is used to make a variety of choices that will affect that member’s life and career? You may or may not know it, but many very important decisions are made based on the information contained in the service record. For example,  information  in  the  service  record  helps  your commanding officer (CO) determine whether or not an individual  is  eligible  for  advancement.  Information  in the service record is also used for decisions concerning a  person’s  next  duty  assignment.  Information  is  further used to complete appropriate documents concerning disciplinary infractions. Many  other  decisions  are made based on information contained in the service record;  therefore,  it  is  vitally  important  that  the information contained in these records be accurate and complete. This is where you come in. Keeping enlisted service records up to date with accurate entries is not an easy job. As a PN assigned to this  job,  you  will  face  many  routine  challenges. Because you will be working with so many records and names, you will always have to pay close attention to detail. You have probably already noticed this in the personnel  office  at  your  command. Oftentimes,  there  are  individuals  with  common  last names such as Smith and Jones. Some of these people may even have the same first name! It can get confusing when  you  have  individuals  with  the  same  name.  You must be very careful to correctly identify an individual’s service record when you make service record entries or file documents. You have probably already seen errors in enlisted service records, such as entries that you know for a fact should not have been made. You also have probably  seen  service  records  that  have  documents  on the left side that should not be there. Sometimes, the members notice these discrepancies themselves and wonder how the documents got there or why certain entries were made. The answer is simple. The PN who was maintaining the records was not paying attention to detail  and  made  the  inappropriate  entries  or  filed  the wrong  documents. The importance of properly maintaining enlisted service records is your responsibility. You probably take  pretty  good  care  of  your  own  service  record.  You probably make sure it contains all the proper entries and documents that pertain only to you, right? Why should any  of  your  shipmates  expect  anything  less?  You should maintain your shipmates’ service records as carefully  as  you  maintain  your  own.  One  enlisted service  record  is  not  more  important  than  another;  it does not matter if it is yours or one of your shipmates’. Actually,  you  do  not  own  your  enlisted  service  record any more than your shipmates own theirs. All enlisted service  records  are  the  property  of  the  U.S. 5-1

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