Quantcast Chapter XII Transfers and Receipts

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Page Title: Chapter XII Transfers and Receipts
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Figure 11-11.-Travel Certificate Separation Without Orders, NAVPERS 4650/22
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Processing Transfers
CHAPTER  12 TRANSFERS AND RECEIPTS As a PN3 or PN2, your primary duties will include checking-in  and  transferring  personnel.  Depending  on where  you  are  stationed,  you  might  be  assigned  to processing  receipts  and  processing  transfers.  Normally, the  concurrent  assignment  of  both  of  these  jobs  occur at   Personnel   Support   Activity   Detachments (PERSUPPDETs). On the other hand, a striker assigned to a small ship might be assigned to perform only one of these duties — processing either receipts or transfers. As you continue gaining knowledge and experience these  tasks  will  become  routine. You need to become knowledgeable in both of these areas because you, as a PN, are considered the expert in both  areas. This chapter is primarily dedicated to transfers and receipts;  however,  it  contains  information  about  areas associated with transfers and receipts. After reading this chapter, you will be able to identify and describe the procedures related to projected rotation date (PRD), including  processing  receipts  and  transfers,  permanent change   of   station   (PCS)   entitlement   policy,   PCS allowances, the Navy’s Sponsor Program, and case file establishment  and  maintenance. PROJECTED ROTATION DATE A   PRD   for   a   member’s   next   duty   station   is established  when  assignment  orders  are  written.  The PRD is based on an individual’s paygrade or projected paygrade (in the case of selectees) at the time orders are written and the distributable community in which the member will serve at the new duty station. The PRD is not  affected  by  advancement  or  reduction  in  rate. Normally,  a  PRD  will  not  be  changed  once  it  is established  unless  there  is  a  change  made  to  the sea/shore tour rotation for the entire community. RULES FOR ESTABLISHING PROJECTED ROTATION DATES The rules used to establish PRDs are contained in the Enlisted  Transfer  Manuel  (ENLTRANSMAN), NAVPERS 15909, chapter 3. Some of the general rules used for establishing PRDs are as follows: l l l l l l All PRD determinations are based on distribution rates  and/or  Navy  Enlisted  Classification  (NEC), except for overseas areas, which are based on Department of   Defense   (DOD)   tour requirements. PRDs never exceecd the estimated date of loss to Navy  (EDLN). PRDs are determined without regard to obligated service  (OBLISERV),  except  for  overseas  tours. PRDs  for  first-term  personnel  assigned  to  type  1 Continental  United  States  (CONUS)  shore  duty, equal their normal shore tours (NST), according to chapter 3 of the ENLTRANSMAN. However, there are exceptions, and these are covered in chapter  3  of  the  ENLTRANSMAN. Onboard activity PRDs may be preceded by 1 month or exceeded by up to 3 months to satisfy a   manning   control   authority   (MCA) requirement. Onboard activity PRDs may be preceded by 2 months or exceeded by up to 4 months to satisfy an  MCA  requirement  for  E-8  and  E-9  personnel. RECORDING THE PROJECTED ROTATION DATE After   assignment   orders   are   written   by   the appropriate   detailer,   a   member’s   PRD   is   shortly thereafter reflected in the current and ultimate activity’s Enlisted Distribution and Verification Report (EDVR). The  PRD  is  eventually  recorded  on  the  NAVPERS 1070/605, page 5, of the enlisted service record when a member reports for duty to the new duty station. If the PRD  is  modified  during  a  member’s  tour  of  duty,  this change is recorded on the page 5 of the service record along with the authority and the date the PRD change was  authorized. VERIFICATION AND CHANGE OF THE PROJECTED ROTATION DATE As  a  PN,  you  should  verify  a  newly  reported member’s  PRD  using  your  command’s  EDVR  and  the 12-1

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