Quantcast Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data (Page 2) and DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data (Page 2)

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Page Title: Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data (Page 2) and DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data (Page 2)
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Figure 5-10.-Non-SDS Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data, NAVPERS 1076/602
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 5-11.-SDS Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data, NAVPERS 1070/602
DEPENDENCY  APPLICATION/RECORD OF EMERGENCY DATA (PAGE 2) AND DD FORM 93, RECORD OF EMERGENCY DATA (PAGE 2) According to the MILPERSMAN, Article 5030240, the  Dependency  Application/Record  of  Emergency Data,  NAVPERS  1070/602,  page  2,  is  a  multipurpose form  used  for  both  officer  and  enlisted  members. Part   I   serves   as   an   application   for   dependency allowances and is used to record military spouse data. Part II provides an immediately accessible, up-to-date record of emergency data for casualty reporting and notification of the next of kin (NOK). Figure 5-10 shows a sample of a blank non-SDS NAVPERS 1070/602. If you have worked with enlisted service records, you are very likely already familiar with Part  II.  Figure  5-11  shows  a  sample  of  an  SDS NAVPERS  1070/602  form. The Record of Emergency Data, DD Form 93, is prepared at the Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS)  for  enlisted  members  required  to  undergo recruit training. This form serves the same purpose as Part II of the NAVPERS 1070/602. Figure 5-12 shows a sample blank DD Form 93. Both the NAVPERS 1070/602 and DD Form 93 are considered to be official documents and are used to determine  the  following: Person(s) to be notified in case of emergency or death Person(s) to receive the death gratuity when no spouse or child exists Person(s) to receive unpaid pay and allowances, including money accrued during a missing or captured status, unused leave, travel, per diem, transportation  of  family  members,  shipment  of household  goods,  and  savings  deposits  that  are due from the Department of the Navy Dependents of member to receive allotment of pay if member is missing or unable to transmit funds Commercial  insurance  companies  to  be  notified in case of death National Service Life Insurance, Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance, and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance in force Clerical  instructions  for  the  preparation  and distribution of this page are contained in the DFAS PAYPERSMAN,   SDSPROMAN,   and   the   Diary Message   Reporting   System   Users’   Manual (DMRSMAN),   EPMAC   Document   No   1080#1 UM-01A. We cannot stress enough the importance of making sure the page 2 is accurate, complete, and up to date. Page 2 is considered to be the most important page in the  enlisted  service  record. The same is true about the page   2   contained   in   an   officer’s   service   record. Remember  the  case  of  CPO  Frost?  Do  you  now understand how important your job is to help each enlisted and officer service member make certain his or her page 2 is accurate, complete, and up to date? Of course, all pages in the service record are important; however, page 2 is especially important because the benefits   of   individuals   such   as   yourself,   your dependents, or your NOK are based on the accuracy of the information contained on this page. A good PN knows this and does his or her part. There are steps you can take to help your shipmates keep their page 2s up to date. Your first step is to update an individual’s page 2 as soon as possible after he or she provides you the information required to make the appropriate  changes.  Do  not  allow  any  shipmate’s  page 2 to stay in your incoming basket for days. Type and process all page 2s as soon as you can. Your command should establish a requirement for a  command-wide  periodic  update  of  this  very  important page. It is recommended that page 2 be reviewed and, if necessary, updated at least every 6 months. This is a minimum requirement. Of course, any shipmate’s page 2  can  be  reviewed  and  updated  as  frequently  as necessary. For example, if your shipmates review and update their individual page 2s approximately 3 months before  a  deployment,  you  should  definitely  make  sure all page 2s are again reviewed and updated before the deployment. There  are  ways  you  can  keep  your  shipmates informed about their own responsibilities. One method you  can  use  to  inform  all  personnel  about  the requirement for updating their page 2s is by publishing a Plan of the Day (POD) note. You can also contact the division chiefs and/or division officers and inform them about the requirement. If you are serving ashore, you can contact the PASS liaison representatives so that they may  inform  all  their  personnel  to  report  to  the PERSUPPDET. If a service member is assigned duty at a location such as an American Embassy overseas and his or her record will be maintained at a location far 5-17

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