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Page Title: Effective Date of PCS Orders
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Figure 12-9.—Advance Pay Certificate/Authorization—Continued
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Reimbursement Rules for Privately-Owned Conveyance (POC) Travel
servicemember  from  one  permanent  duty  station  (PDS) to another. Issuance of a PCS order does not in and of itself  carry  travel  and  transportation  entitlements.  The orders must be read to determine if there is, in fact, a change of permanent station and not just a change of activity. The  following  paragraphs  contain  a  discussion  on situations that affect the PCS entitlement policy. TRANSFER  BETWEEN  TWO NONSHIPBOARD ACTIVITIES LOCATED IN THE SAME PDS LOCATION WITHIN CONUS A   servicemember   transferring   between   two nonshipboard  activities/unit  identification  codes  (UICs) and/or units located within CONUS at the same PDS location  has  no  PCS  entitlements.  However,  if  the service  member’s  household  relocation  is  mission essential and in the best interest of the government, a local  move  of  household  goods  (HHG)  may  be authorized if the commanding officer issues a statement that such a local move is necessary as a direct result of the transfer. For the purpose of DLA, PCS includes relocation  of  a  household  due  to  military  necessity  or government convenience within the corporate limits of the same city or town in connection with a transfer between  activities. TRANSFER  BETWEEN  TWO NONSHIPBOARD ACTIVITIES IN PROXIMITY TO EACH OTHER BUT NOT AT THE SAME PDS LOCATION A   servicemember   transferring   between   two nonshipboard activities or units in proximity to each other but not at the same PDS does have a personal travel and transportation entitlement. However, the member  does  not  automatically  have  HHG  shipment, dependent   travel   and   transportation,   or   DLA entitlement. Normally, shipment of HHG is not authorized in connection  with  a  PCS  between  PDSs  in  proximity  to each other. However,  if  the  gaining  CO  issues  a statement that HHG shipment is mission essential and  in  the  best  interest  of  the  government  and appropriate   accounting   data   is   provided   by CHNAVPERS (PERS 4) in the PCS order, HHG can be authorized. Remember, if the PCS order does not have the appropriate accounting data, a request for a modification to the PCS order must be submitted to PERS 4 before executing the orders to obtain the accounting data. PDSs are in proximity to each other when they are both in an area ordinarily serviced by the same local transportation  system  and  servicemembers  could reasonably commute daily from home to either PDS. Figure  12-10  is  an  example  of  such  a  change  in PDS. PCS ORDERS BETWEEN SHIPS IN THE SAME HOME PORT OR BETWEEN A SHIP AND SHORE ACTIVITY IN THE VICINITY OF THE SAME HOME PORT PCS orders between ships in the same home port or between a ship and a shore activity in the vicinity of the same home port may be issued without accounting data for   HHG   shipment   or   dependent   travel   and transportation.  If  household  relocation  will  occur  and accounting data was not issued in the PCS order, your command  should  send  a  request  for  a  modification  to the PCS order to include appropriate accounting data to PERS 4 before executing them. EFFECTIVE DATE OF PCS ORDERS The effective date of PCS orders is important for determining   entitlement   for   transportation   of dependents  and  shipment  of  HHG.  The  basic  definition A servicemember receives PCS orders to detach from the Navy Yard, Washington, DC. The servicemember is to report to a place located 3 miles  outside  the  Washington,  DC,  corporate limits.  The  servicemember  could  commute daily to the new PDS from the same residence occupied   while   assigned   to   the   old   PDS (Washington,  DC).  In  this  case  there  is  no entitlement  to  movement  of  HHG,  dependent travel  and  transportation,  or  DLA.  However, the servicemember is entitled to personal travel and  transportation  allowances  incident  to  the transfer. If the servicemember relocates the household, there aren’t any PCS entitlements, unless the gaining   CO   issues   a   statement   that   the relocation was neccessary as a direct result of the PCS   and   appropriate   accounting   data   is provided by PERS 4. Figure 12-10.-Sample change in PDS. 12-14

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