Quantcast Enlisted Classification Record (Page 3)

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Page Title: Enlisted Classification Record (Page 3)
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Figure 5-12.—Record of Emergency Data, DD Form 93
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 5-13.—VHA certificate
from  the  assigned  duty  station,  this  person  should  be provided with instructions as to what to do in case there is a requirement to change information contained on his or her page 2. There  are  other  things  you  must  know  about updating the page 2. For example, when you update a service  member’s  page  2  and  there  is  a  change  of address, you must make sure you obtain a copy of the rental/lease  agreement  (or  mortgage  documents)  from the  member  for  variable  housing  allowance  (VHA) purposes, if appropriate. If a change of address must be made and the individual is entitled to VHA, make sure you  have  the  member  complete  anew  VHA  certificate. A sample blank VHA certificate is shown in figure 5-13. After  you  have  the  VHA  certificate  and  the  new rental/lease  or  mortgage  documents  (and  other  required documents  as  specified  in  the  DFAS  PAYPERSMAN), you should then prepare a NAVCOMPT 3060 to reflect the change of the VHA entitlement. Remember to use the guidelines set forth in the DFAS PAYPERSMAN and/or the SDSPROMAN as appropriate. Whenever  you  prepare  page  2s  or  any  other documents  in  the  enlisted  service  record,  always  refer to  the  applicable  instructions  that  contain  clerical guidance  on  the  preparation  and  distribution  of  these documents.  The  instructions  will  give  you  the  correct information. Remember,  the  documents  in  your shipmates’ service records will affect their careers and their lives. Your job is to use the correct guidelines to maintain  these  records  accurately  and  properly.  Do  not rely just on your memory or your past experience to do this. Always use the most current official instructions. Instructions and manuals are always being updated, and  new  procedures  for  preparing  certain  documents are often changed. Can you see why it is so important to use the most current official guidelines? If you do not  follow  the  steps  in  these  instructions  or  manuals, you are wasting your time and the time of other persons who will review your work. You do not want to keep retyping your shipmate’s pay and other documents, do you?  Remember  that  the  quality  of  the  product  starts with you. ENLISTED  CLASSIFICATION  RECORD (PAGE 3) According  to  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article 5030260,   the   Enlisted   Classification   Record, NAVPERS 1070/603, page 3 of the service record, has been   discontinued. The   Enlisted   Qualifications History, NAVPERS 1070/604 (page 4) now contains information that the discontinued page 3 used to contain. You  should  still  be  aware  of  the  page  3  (fig.  5-14) because   it   may   contain   pertinent   information concerning a member’s aptitude test scores, civilian education  and  training,  personal  interests,  civilian experience, and certain recommendations and remarks having  military  significance. Although page 3 is no longer used, you should still be able to identify it if you should come across it in the service record. Any page 3s that have been prepared for personnel who have enlisted or reenlisted and that are currently filed in the service record must be retained on the right side of the service record, unless one of the following  events  occurs: The  member  is  retested  on  the  Armed  Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). Follow guidelines  provided  in  MILPERSMAN,  Article 5030280. The member is being discharged, transferred to the  Fleet  Reserve,  or  permanently  retired. In the case of members being discharged, transferring to  the  Fleet  Reserve,  or  permanently  retired,  retrieve page 3 from the service record and give to the member. ENLISTED  QUALIFICATIONS  HISTORY (PAGE 4) The Enlisted Qualifications History, NAVPERS 1070/604,  page  4  of  the  service  record,  has  for  all practical purposes replaced the page 3. The NAVPERS 1070/604 is shown in figure 5-15. Notice that the new page 4 has similar sections as the old page 3. (Compare figs. 5-14 and 5-15.) This is why the old page 3 is no longer being used. According  to  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article 5030280,  the  Enlisted  Qualifications  History, NAVPERS  1070/604,  for  USN  and  USNR  enlisted members  is  page  4  of  the  service  record.  It  consists  of a  chronological  history  of  their  occupational  and training related qualifications and their awards and commendations. When   reviewing   enlisted   service   records,   be prepared to encounter two different versions of page 4. Most service records will contain the version shown in figure 5-16. Figure 5-16 shows a blank front section of the Navy Occupation/Training and Awards History, NAVPERS 1070/604, page 4, which was previously prepared on all enlisted service members. There is a possibility that some commands are still using these forms and probably will continue to use them until 5-21

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