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Page Title: Enlisted Personnel Action Requests
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Figure 3-2.—Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) Change/ Recommendation, NAVPERS 1221/1—Continued
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 3-3.—Enlisted Personnel Action Request, NAVPERS 1306/7
personnel  office  and  the  procedures  for  completing these forms. In the following section, you will read about your role in processing the Enlisted Personnel Action  Request,  NAVPERS  1306/7. ENLISTED  PERSONNEL  ACTION REQUESTS The  Enlisted  Personnel  Action  Request,  NAVPERS 1306/7, is a form that provides a standard Navywide format for submission of requests to higher authority. Figure 3-3 shows you a blank sample of this form. AUTHORIZED  USES The  NAVPERS  1306/7  is  used  to  request  any program, school, or reassignment to special duty when a particular requesting format has not already been specified.  This  form  is  designed  to  present  higher authority  with  all  pertinent  information  necessary  to properly assess and impartially judge the merits of the request contained therein. The key to the proper use of this form is—use the NAVPERS 1306/7 only when a specific  form  has  not  been  designated  for  the  particular request. PROCESSING PROCEDURES One of your responsibilities may be to type and verify   the   information   on   this   form   based   on information contained in a member’s service record. It is  imperative  that  personal  data  such  as  social  security number (SSN) and name be verified for accuracy. Be aware that multiple requests on the same form are not allowed.  The  NAVPERS  1306/7  must  be  submitted  in duplicate. The copies from duplicating machines must be  suitable  for  microfilming. Endorsement  Requirements Another   one   of   your   responsibilities   while processing the NAVPERS 1306/7 is to type the CO’s endorsement.  COs  are  enjoined  to  ensure  inclusion  of all pertinent information in their endorsement to an individual’s  request. Your   first   task   will   be   to   type   the   rough endorsement.  You  will  receive  the  rough  endorsement from the division officer or the department head. After you  have  typed  it  in  the  correct  format,  the  rough endorsement should be sent further up the chain of command  for  approval. Later, you will type the approved endorsement on the  back  of  the  NAVPERS  1306/7.  However,  you should wait until the rough endorsement has been reviewed and approved by the CO or his/her designated representative.     Once  the  endorsement  has  been approved,  you  will  type  the  endorsement  in  the  space provided on the back of the form. The following items should be included in an approved endorsement: · · · · · Physical qualifications (if appropriate). Required  service  record  entry. Substantiation  of  any  waiver  request. School  quota  (held/not  held). Specific  statement  concerning  ineligibility  or other  rationale  for  negative  recommendations. · Command endorsement concerning member’s (and dependents if on an accompanied tour) suitability for  continued  overseas  service  according  to  chapter  4 of the Enlisted Transfer Manual (ENLTRANSMAN) and the Suitability Screening for Overseas Assignment, OPNAVINST  1300.14. Other Clerical Requirements When you are typing the NAVPERS 1306/7, make certain the information on the form is complete, current, and verified for accuracy. The  following  list  describes  some  actions  you  can take to make certain the NAVPERS 1306/7 is completed and submitted properly. If not completed correctly, these items may result in an inappropriate or delayed response  to  the  request.  Check  the  following  sections for  accuracy: · From line: Primary and secondary NECs must be  included. · To  line:  Address  to  a  specific  cognizant BUPERS code (if known). · Privacy Act statement: Make sure the member signs  the  Privacy  Act  statement. · Evaluation marks: In addition to evaluation marks required for personnel E-4 and below, you should include  marks  assigned  to  members  in  any  paygrade that have been submitted in the past 60 days. · COs signature: "By direction" signatue is not desired  if  the  NAVPERS  1306/7  is  specifically requesting a waiver of eligibility criteria. 3-8

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