Quantcast History of Assignments (Page 5)

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Page Title: History of Assignments (Page 5)
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Figure 5-16.—Navy Occupation/Training and Awards History, NAVPERS 1070/604
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 5-17.—History of Assignments, NAVPERS 1070/605
supplies are exhausted and/or the new forms obtained. This  is  why  you  will  encounter  this  version  more frequently than the new page 4, NAVPERS 1070/604, shown in figure 5-15. Entries on the NAVPERS 1070/604 must be made as events occur. Your supervisor or any other individual who has been given “by direction” authority by the CO or officer in charge (OIC) can initial entries on this page. A  new  page  4  is  prepared  whenever  one  section becomes   filled   with   entries.   Use   common   sense, however, to determine whether or not a new page 4 is required. The originals of the page 4 are retained in the member’s service record until the record is closed, at which time reproduced copies of the page are made. Disposition of page 4 is made as follows: .  For  active  duty  members  retested  with  the ASVAB, the enlisted classifier must complete section 2 of the current original page 4 in the individual’s service record. For   a   special   test   not   administered   in conjunction with an ASVAB, the PN responsible must first record the special test score on the current original page 4 only and then forward a certified copy of the page  4  containing  the  new  test  scores  to  Head, Department of Defense (DOD) Coordination Branch (PERS 234). .   For   members   who   immediately   reenlist, you must send the original to CHNAVPERS (PERS 313C1),  with  other  documents  for  the  permanent microfiche   record,   as   per   the   MILPERSMAN, Article  5030140.  Place  a  reproduced  copy  on  the  right side   of   the   reenlistment   record   in   chronological sequence. l  When  the  member  separates  from  the  naval service, send the original page 4s with the closed service record to the Naval Reserve Personnel Center, New Orleans,  Louisiana,  as  per  MILPERSMAN,  Article 5030140. Preparation  instructions  for  the  different  sections  of this page are contained in the MILPERSMAN, Article 5030280. HISTORY OF ASSIGNMENTS (PAGE 5) According  to  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article 5030300,  the  History  of  Assignments,  NAVPERS 1070/605,  page  5  of  the  enlisted  service  record,  is prepared  for  USN  and  USNR  officers  and  enlisted members.  This  page  is  a  chronological  record  of  a member’s  duty  assignments.  It  is  filed  on  the  right  side 5-27 of  the  officer  service  record  and  also  on  the  right  side of the enlisted service record as page 5. A copy of a page 5 containing entries is shown in figure 5-17. These pages must be numbered sequentially. Preparation instructions for the NAVPERS 1070/605 are contained in  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article  5030300. For  both  officers  and  enlisted  personnel,  the NAVPERS  1070/605  must  be  maintained  in  the  service record  throughout  the  member’s  active  duty  and inactive duty career. For officers and enlisted members who  separate  from  the  service,  you  must  send  the original  NAVPERS  1070/605  form  with  the  closed service  record  to  the  Naval  Reserve  Personnel  Center, New Orleans, Louisiana. Provide the member with a reproduced copy to be presented for inclusion in a new service record should the member reenter naval service. For enlisted members who immediately reenlist, send  the  original  NAVPERS  1070/605  form  to CHNAVPERS (PERS 313C1) with other documents for the permanent microfiche record as specified in the MILPERSMAN,  Article  5030140.  Place  a  reproduced copy of this form under the performance divider of the reenlistment  service  record. RECORD OF UNAUTHORIZED ABSENCE (PAGE 6) According  to  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article 5030310,  the  Record  of  Unauthorized  Absence, NAVPERS 1070/606, page 6 of the enlisted service record,  is  used  to  report  periods  of  unauthorized absence (UA) in excess of 24 hours and lost time due to confinement  by  civil  authorities  or  sickness  due  to misconduct. UAs of 24 hours or less are recorded on the  Administrative  Remarks,  NAVPERS  1070/613, page 13 of the enlisted service record. The original NAVPERS 1070/606 provides data for the  Manpower  and  Personnel  Management  Information System (MAPMIS) and is then filed in the member’s permanent microfiche record in the Bureau of Naval Personnel  (BUPERS).  Figure  5-18  shows  an  example of  a  blank  NAVPERS  1070/606  optical  character  reader (OCR)  form.  Figure  5-19  shows  an  example  of  a partially completed NAVPERS 1070/606 SDS form. The  NAVPERS  1070/606  is  prepared  and  distributed  as per guidelines contained in the DFAS PAYPERSMAN and/or  SDSPROMAN,  as  appropriate. NOTE:  At  the  time  this  TRAMAN  was  being written, the OCR version of the NAVPERS 1070/606 was still in use in the enlisted service record. If you have already been involved in maintaining enlisted

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