Quantcast Permanent Change of Station Entitlement Policy

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Page Title: Permanent Change of Station Entitlement Policy
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Briefing Members Before Transfer
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 12-9.—Advance Pay Certificate/Authorization
A member may be paid an advance in pay upon PCS, except PCS incident to separation from the service or trial by court-martial. Advance payments on PCS within the same geographical area are only authorized when  the  member  is  entitled  to  ship  household  goods (personal  property)  at  government  expense  under Chapter 5 of the  Joint  Federal  Travel  Regulations (JFTR), Volume 1, NAVSO P-6034. Generally, such shipments  are  prohibited  under  JFTR,  Volume  1, paragraph U5317, for PCS in the same geographical area (defined as within the corporate limits) as the member’s prior duty station, home port, or place from which ordered to active duty. This restriction does not apply  to  no-cost  PCS  orders  outside  the  geographical area. Normally, requests for advance pay are limited to 30 days before departure and 60 days after reporting to a   new   permanent   duty   station.   However,   under extenuating  circumstances,  severe  hardship,  or unusually  large  expenses  when  clearly  justified,  a member may request advance pay up to 90 days before the scheduled date of departure and not to exceed 180 days after reporting to the new permanent duty station. The member may request 3 months advance pay and   liquidation   up   to   24   months.   All   members requesting advance pay must sign an Advance Pay Certificate/Authorization, such as the one shown in figure 12-9. Commanding  officers  or  their  representatives  must provide  written  approval  for  the  following: . Members in paygrade E-3 and below requesting advance  pay . Any advance pay request for more than 1 month . Repayments greater than 12 months . Request for advance pay prior to 30 days before departure or 60 days after arrival at the new permanent duty station . Justification by the member is required for the following: .  More  than  1  month  of  advance  pay,  less deductions . More than a 12-month repayment schedule . Advance outside the window of 30 days before departure to or 60 days after arrival at the new PCS station 12-11 The member should submit the justification on a Special  Request  Authorization,  NAVPERS  1336/3, which is also known as a request chit. If additional space  is  required,  the  member  may  attach  a memorandum to the request chit with additional details. Before approval of a request for advance pay, COs should make sure the financial status of the member is thoroughly  reviewed  to  determine  that  the  member  has not  shown  a  pattern  of  financial  irresponsibility.  COs should use their discretion to limit advance pay if the member  demonstrates  or  has  demonstrated  fiscal immaturity. A member who requests advance pay under article 2650100   of   the   MILPERSMAN,   which   discusses advance pay on PCS, must be advised that the advance may be paid off in one lump sum at anytime within the authorized repayment period. Advise the member that the total pay due after a move, including dislocation allowance  (DLA),  travel  allowances,  rations,  basic allowances for quarters (BAQ), and basic pay, may be used  to  pay  off  the  loan  provided  it  equals  or  exceeds the  advance  pay. The  repayment  period  is  scheduled  to  liquidate  the advance  pay  before  the  member’s  expected  date  of separation. Also,   liquidation   is   scheduled   for completion before the start of a subsequent PCS move. Members in one of the following statuses must meet the criteria for PCS for that purpose of advance pay on PCS: .  A  call  to  extend  active  duty  of  a  reservist,  a retired  member,  or  a  member  of  the  Fleet  Reserve (FLTRES) l A duly authorized change of home yard or home port . On orders to a duty station upon reenlistment after a break in service For  more  information  on  advance  pay,  refer  to JFTR,  paragraph  U8014,  which  provides  guidance  for advance   payment   of   BAQ   and   variable   housing allowance (VHA). PERMANENT  CHANGE  OF  STATION ENTITLEMENT POLICY Servicemembers who are ordered to make a PCS move  are  entitled  to  personal  travel  and  transportation allowances under chapter 5 of the JFTR. No command can deny any of the travel and transportation allowances or entitlements associated with PCS movement of a

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