Quantcast Personnel To Whom Meal Passes Are Not Issued

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Page Title: Personnel To Whom Meal Passes Are Not Issued
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Figure 3-17.-Meal Pass Log
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Summary - 14214_88
Different color meal passes also are assigned to enlisted  members  of  other  service  categories,  as determined by local needs. Enlisted personnel in a travel status and not receiving the meal portion or per diem maybe issued a different color of meal pass to show entitlement to rations-in-kind. Personnel in receipt of commuted rations may be issued a different color meal pass so that a distinction can be made between this category of personnel and enlisted members on temporary additional duty (TAD) or temporary duty (TDY) and in receipt of a per diem allowance to facilitate sales of meal and to make sure proper  fees  are  collected. PERSONNEL TO WHOM MEAL PASSES ARE NOT ISSUED The following personnel should not be issued meal passes:     Inactive reserve personnel Personnel   receiving   basic   allowance   for subsistence at the rate based on the nonavailability of a government mess WITHDRAWING MEAL PASSES Meal  passes  must  be  permanently  withdrawn  from members  on  detachment  or  authorization  for  commuted rations. Temporary withdrawal of meal passes is the responsibility of the command to which the member is assigned. Meal  passes  are  temporarily  withdrawn  from personnel going on leave, travel, TDY, or TAD. The meal passes must be surrendered by members when leave papers or orders are picked up. Personnel under orders may eat in the general mess by having orders  endorsed. LOSS, RECALL, OR CANCELLATION OF MEAL PASSES their Your command, if authorized to issue meal passes, should issue a new meal pass to the authorized member if he or she loses it. Make an entry in the meal pass log by lining through the previous entry that indicates the member  was  issued  a  meal  pass.  The  authorized individual who issues meal passes should initial the entry.  Your  command  should  also  notify  the  food service officer by letter when a meal pass is lost. You  should  destroy  permanently  recalled  meal passes.  A  column,  in  addition  to  the  information  shown in figure 3-17, should also be included on the meal pass log for recording the date and disposition of meal passes when they are canceled for any reason. The log then provides  a  ready  reference  of  meal  passes  status.  You should paste the number of the canceled and/or recalled meal  pass  in  the  column  where  you  initially  recorded the issuance of that meal pass. PROCEDURES TO FOLLOW WHEN PERSONNEL DEPART ON LEAVE When meal passes are surrendered at the time that leave papers are picked up, mark the lower right corner of  the  Leave  Request  Authorization,  NAVCOMPT Form  3065,  of  personnel  entitled  to  rations-in-kind  as follows: ENTITLED  TO  ENLISTED  DINING  FACILITY MEALS  EXCEPT  DURING  PERIOD  OF  LEAVE. MEAL PASS NO.                                 . Make sure you include the meal pass number in the space  required. When the meal pass is surrendered, the number of the  meal  pass  is  entered  in  the  space  provided  in  the annotation. The leave authorization may then be used instead  of  a  meal  pass  except  during  the  period  when the member is in a leave status. On return of the leave authorization, the meal pass is returned to the member. When the leave authorization is used instead of a meal pass, the master-at-arms at the general mess should check the commencing and ending hours and date of the leave to make sure a free meal is not being received during the period in which leave rations apply. SECURITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY OF MEAL PASSES The possession of a meal pass entitles the holder to consume  meals  at  government  expense  or  to  pay  only the  basic  meal  charge  for  meals  consumed.  Each command must make sure only authorized enlisted members are issued and permitted to retain meal passes. Commands  authorized  to  issue  meal  passes  must maintain strict accountability of on-hand stocks of meal passes. Meal passes must be provided positive security and kept under lock until issued. You should be aware that accountability of meal passes is checked during inspections  and  audits. 3-27

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