Quantcast Transportation of Household Goods

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Page Title: Transportation of Household Goods
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Naval Reserve Affiliation of Discharged Personnel
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 13-1.-Application for Shipment and/or Storage of Personal Property, DD Form 129-9
responsibility  in  connection  with  the  submission  of The following information should be given to the claims against the government. Special emphasis must separating  individual: be  placed  on  the  following: . That he/she is fully responsible for completeness .  Claims  for  reimbursement  for  transportation  of and accuracy of all statements of facts contained in his dependents may not be submitted until the travel has or her travel claim been   completed   and   the   member   has   completed separation  processing.  However,  transportation  in  kind .  That,  notwithstanding  advice  or  assistance may be furnished to dependents according to JFTR, he/she  may  have  received  in  connection  with paragraph  U5212. preparation and submission of the travel claim, he/she alone is responsible for information contained in the .  Advance  travel  pay  for  dependents  may  be travel  claim authorized  up  to  75  percent  of  entitlement. l That misrepresentation or concealment of any .  Payment  depends  on  actual  performance  of particular material may constitute a serious federal travel  for  the  purpose  of  establishing  residence. offense Reimbursement is not authorized for such things as NOTE:   Explain   to   the   individual   being pleasure or business trips. separated that the penalty for willfully making a false . The claim should correctly reflect the points and claim is a maximum fine of $10,000 or a maximum dates of the travel performed for which reimbursement imprisonment   of   5   years,   or   both.   Also   tell   the is  claimed. individual that money fraudulently received will be recovered by the U.S. Government. . Reimbursement may be claimed only for bona fide dependents as defined in volume 1, chapter 5 and Don’t  try  to  memorize  everything  that  you  should Appendix A of the JFTR. explain to the member during the separation interview or while you are counseling a member in connection . Travel must normally be effected within 180 days with  his/her  separation.  Remember,  always  check  the for dependents of members separating and within 1 year appropriate manuals, such as the ENLTRANSMAN for dependents of members retiring or transferring to the and/or  the  appropriate  instruction  for  guidance. Fleet  Reserve.  Refer  to  JFTR,  paragraphs  U5225  and U5230,  for  additional  details. TRANSPORTATION OF HOUSEHOLD . Claims for transportation of dependents before GOODS orders are issued must be supported by a statement from the   permanent   change-of-station   order-issuing authority, or designated representative, that the member was advised before the issuance of change-of-station orders that such orders would be issued. Refer to JFTR, paragraph  U5205. . Personnel in paygrade E-4 who complete just short of 2 years service at their EAOS may not be retained  on  active  duty  solely  to  qualify  for  dependents’ transportation at government expense. l Since neither the Department of the Army, nor the Department of the Air Force can process travel claims for a Navy member, advise the separatee that travel claims (that you will provide) must be processed at  the  Navy  disbursing  office  at  the  activity (PERSUPPDET  and/or  personnel  office)  where  he/she is being processed for separation Emphasize to the separatee the importance of returning the signed travel claim(s) and the original orders as soon as possible for prompt  liquidation. According   to   the   JFTR,   paragraph   U5360, household goods or personal effects must be turned over to a transportation officer or to a carrier for shipment at government expense within 1 year from the date of retirement,  temporary  disability  retirement,  or  transfer to the Fleet Reserve. Personnel being discharged or released from active duty have 180 days to apply for transportation of household goods or personal effects. The member should obtain a worksheet from the personal property office which is called  Application  for Shipment and/or Storage of Personal Property,  DD Form  1299  (fig.  13-1).  DD  Form  1299  (work  sheet) should  be  completed  according  to  instructions  contained on  the  form. Notice  that  blocks  required  to  be completed are identified with an asterisk and that some others provide information about what is required in them.  This  work  sheet  is  returned  to  the  personal property office as soon as possible. Then, the personal property office inputs the information provided from the DD Form 1299 worksheet to a computer and prints 13-7

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