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Page Title: Travel Certificate Separation Without Orders
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Repeat Travel Orders
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 11-11.-Travel Certificate Separation Without Orders, NAVPERS 4650/22
to  (and  from)  the  points  designated  in  the  orders. Repeat travel orders are issued only by CHNAVPERS to members who are in billets that require regular and frequent trips away from their duty stations in the performance of their duties. FIRST DUTY ORDERS First duty orders are orders (first set) that assign the following  individuals  to  a  PDS: Inactive  personnel Persons   being   newly   commissioned   from civilian  status TEMPORARY ACTIVE DUTY ORDERS Temporary active duty orders are orders (first set) that assign inactive members to TEMDU for a limited or  specified  period  of  time  and  that  direct,  upon completion, release to inactive duty. RELEASE FROM ACTIVE DUTY ORDERS OR SEPARATION ORDERS Release  from  active  duty  orders  or  separation orders are any orders that separate members from active duty in the naval service. TRAINING DUTY ORDERS Training duty orders are orders that assign Naval Reserve  members  to  training  duty. TRAVEL  CERTIFICATE  SEPARATION WITHOUT  ORDERS Regular Navy or Naval Reserve members who are honorably  discharged,  as  distinguished  from  being released  to  inactive  duty,  are  not  issued  release  orders. To  provide  these  members  with  the  necessary substantiation for dependent’s transportation and/or shipment of HHG, the Travel Certificate Separation Without  Orders,  NAVPERS  4650/22  (fig.  11-11),  is issued to the members according to the NTI, NAVSO P-1459, chapter 4, part A, article 4002, and chapter 7, part D, article 7158. The travel certificate must be issued as an original. A sufficient number of copies must be made to meet individual  requirements.  The  original  and  two  copies are  necessary  for  dependent’s  transportation.  Four copies, one of which must be certified as a true copy, are necessary for each shipment of HHG. Orders for separation should not be issued more than 6 months before the effective date of separation. SUMMARY This chapter contained a discussion on overseas service. It explained the importance of making sure that personnel  are  properly  screened  for  overseas assignment to prevent an early return from the overseas area. The section on overseas service discussed the requirement   for   completing   overseas   screening requirements  for  certain  locations  that  are  not considered   overseas;   such   as   the   assignment   of personnel  to  Key  West,  Florida.  Also  discussed  was  the requirement for completion of overseas screening for personnel being assigned to USNS vessels and other units operating in overseas areas for periods of 1 year or more, and the selection of personnel for overseas service. Identification of suitability decision factors were  explained. Also  explained  were  overseas screening procedures, what action needs to be taken when personnel are not considered suitable for overseas assignment,  and  the  possible  waiver  of  overseas screening   requirements.   Actions to take if a member must  be  reassigned  due  to  unsuitability  were  identified and screening reports were discussed. This  chapter  contained  a  discussion  on  command sponsorship of dependents at overseas duty station locations. This chapter contained a discussion on permanent change of station of members traveling to an overseas location  accompanied  by  dependents,  the  determination of   entitlement   to   dependent   transportation,   and dependent  entry  approval.  The  purpose  of  the Application  for  Transportation  for  Dependents,  DD Form  884,  and  action  taken  upon  confirmation  of dependents  travel  arrangements  were  discussed. The purpose and restriction on the use of a no-fee passport was covered, to include the forms used in applying for passports such as the Authorization to Apply for a “No-Fee” Passport and/or Request for Vias, DD  Form  1056,  Application  for  Passport  Registration, DSP-11,  and  Application  for  Passport  by  Mail,  DSP-82. Application procedures for applying for passports in case of personnel who are in the United States and outside  the  United  States  were  discussed.  Finally, various  types  of  orders  and  the  purpose  for  their issuance  and  the  travel  certificate  separation  without orders  were  discussed. 11-21

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