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Page Title: Assignment 13, Continued
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Assignment 13, Continued - 14221_513
Quartermaster 3 & 2 - Military manual for the Quartermaster rate
Assignment 13, Continued - 14221_515
13-27. The  conning  officer  orders  the helmsman to SHIFT YOUR RUDDER AND STEADY ON 000°. Which of the following  replies  must  the helmsman  give? 1. AYE SIR! 2. YES  SIR! 3. STEADY ON 000°, AYE SIR! 4. SHIFT YOUR RUDDER AND STEADY ON 000° AYE SIR! 13-28. Which of the following is a proper rule for steering a ship? 1. Use the least amount of rudder necessary to maintain course 2. The faster the speed the more rudder  is  needed  to  maintain course 3. The slower the speed the less rudder  is  needed  to  maintain course 4. Each of the above 13-29. How is the term "weather helm" defined? 1. The amount of helm it takes to steer  in  calm  weather 2. The amount of helm it takes to steer in heavy seas 3. The amount of helm it takes to steer  in  any  weather  condition 4. The amount of helm that is equal to the wind and wave action  hitting  the  ship 13-30. During UNREP, what is the maximum deviation allowed from the ordered course? 1. .25° 2. .50° 3. .75° 4. 1.00° 13-31. In which of the following situations  should  a  Master Helmsman  be  used? 1. During  UNREP 2. When  in  restricted  waters 3. During  special  evolutions 4. Each of the above 13-32. A  ship's  running  lights  are  the normal  underway  lights. 1. True 2. False 13-33. A ship has a total of how many different  running  lights? 1. Five 2. Six 3. Seven 4. Four IN  ANSWERING  QUESTIONS  13-34  THROUGH 13-37, SELECT THE TERM FROM COLUMN B THAT BEST DESCRIBES THE LIGHT LISTED IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES ARE USED ONLY ONCE. A.  LIGHT B.  DESCRIPTION 13-34. Wake  light 1.   Located  on  the yardarms 13-35. Blinker 2.    Located 6 feet 13-36. Aircraft apart  vertically warning 3.   The fixture is 13-37. Not  under watertight and command of  tubular construction 4.    If two masts are tall enough but less than 15 meters apart, they will be installed on the higher  mast 13-38. 13-39. 13-40. 13-41. Your ship is taking on fuel alongside an oiler. Which of the following  light  combinations should  be  displayed? 1. Red-red-white 2. Red-white-red 3. White-white-red 4. White-red-red Which of the following is a convoy light? 1. Blue  stern 2. Grimes  light 3. White  stern 4. Task  light The after-anchor light is a 360° white light mounted at the top of the jackstaff. 1. True 2. False The  Grimes  light  is  installed  on all ships that are capable of which of the following types of operations? 1. Helo 2. Aircraft 3. ASW 4. Refueling 86

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