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Page Title: Forwarding Invoices for Payment
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Precaution Against Duplicate Shipments
Storekeeper 1 & C - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Figure 6-13.–Retained copy of DD Form 1155.
take the necessary action to make sure the dealers’ invoices  are  forwarded  in  the  prescribed  time. Verification With Report of Inspection Dealers’  invoices  should  be  checked  against the  reports  of  inspection  that  you  have  filed  by requisition   number.    These  invoices  must  be verified with this file to be sure of receipt of the material in the correct amount billed. After you receive the material and have verified the quantity with the quantity billed, the dealer’s invoice and copies of the related purchase documents should be  processed  and  forwarded  for  payment. FORWARDING   INVOICES FOR  PAYMENT When  purchases  are  made  from  commercial sources, the purchase document tells the dealer who is to get the invoice for the material, either the  shore  activity  who  prepares  the  purchase document or the ship that receives the material. Upon receiving the material you will forward the proper invoice to the activity that is indicated on the  purchase  order  for  payment. Vendors Located in CONUS, Alaska, or Hawaii When  an  invoice  is  received  from  a  vendor who is located in CONUS, Alaska, or Hawaii, the original and three copies of the invoice, with an attached copy of the receipt document, should be forwarded  to  one  of  the  paying  offices  specified in the upcoming paragraph on Payment Offices. Vendors Not Located in CONUS, Alaska, or Hawaii If  your  ship  has  a  Supply  Corps  officer assigned,  dealers’  invoices  received  from  a  vendor not located in CONUS, Alaska, or Hawaii should be  paid  by  the  ship’s  disbursing  officer,  unless payment  by  another  official  is  required. To  support  the  payments  of  your  disbursing officer,  you  should  provide  him  or  her  with  the following   documents: .  Original  and  three  copies  of  each  dealer’s invoice .  Copy  of  each  receipt .  Original  and  all  copies  of  Public  Voucher for  Purchases  and  Services,  Standard  Form  1034, that  should  be  prepared  per  the  NAVCOMPT Manual,  chapter  4 If you are stationed aboard a ship that does not  have  a  Supply  Corps  officer  assigned,  the original and three copies of each invoice received from  a  vendor  not  located  in  CONUS,  Alaska, or Hawaii must be promptly forwarded to one of the  following  activities  or  individuals: .  Military  disbursing  officer  in  the  vicinity . United States disbursing officer located at a  U.S.  Embassy  or  a  naval  attaché l Either of the FAADCs located in Norfolk, Virginia,  or  San  Diego,  California,  whichever  is closer You must attach a receipt copy to the invoice for mailing. When  your  ship  is  in  a  foreign  port  and receives dealers’ invoices from a foreign vendor, the   senior   officer   present   afloat   (SOPA)   may designate one ship to consolidate all ships’ bills and  pay  them.  In  this  circumstance,  all  your foreign dealers’ bills (whether you have a supply officer assigned or not) will be forwarded to that ship so designated for payment. Each invoice will have  attached  a  copy  of  the  receipt  papers. When  you  are  unable  to  obtain  the  foreign dealers’   bills   for   payment   before   your   ship’s departure,  you  must  make  arrangements  with another  ship  that  is  in  port  for  payment.  You should  provide  that  ship’s  supply  officer  with  a Money  Value  Only,  DD  Form  1348,  and  a  copy of  the  purchase  order.  If  there  is  no  other  ship in the area, you should have the dealer mail you the bill. Upon receipt of these invoices, you must forward all necessary paper work to the nearest FAADC. Any Canadian dealers’ invoices received after your departure should be processed as per the NAVCOMPT   Manual,   chapter  4. Retained Copy If  available,  one  copy  of  the  dealer’s  invoice should  be  attached  to  the  retained  copy  of  the purchase document. Before you file a copy of the purchase  document  in  the  material  completed  file, the  following  information  should  be  typed  or stamped  somewhere  on  the  retained  copy: Date material received Date  dealer’s  bill  received Number  of  dealer’s  bill Date  forwarded  for  payment Paying  activity See figure 6-13 for an example of a retained copy of  DD  Form  1155. 6-17

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