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Page Title: Disposition of Material
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Receiving Procedures
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Supply Officer Reponsibility
Underway  Replenishment  Materials detailed instructions in the preparation and distribution of  the  ROD,  refer  to  NAVMATINST  4355.73  series. The package count is verified just like receipts from supply activities. Signed receipts are not required. Underway Replenishment (UNREP) Pickup Material Receipt Discrepancies Material picked up by the ship’s representative, will be  inspected  for  quantity  at  the  time  of  pickup.  If  the material is purchased, the ship’s representative should be qualified to make the technical quality inspection before  accepting  the  material. DISPOSITION  OF  MATERIAL After  the  preliminary  checks  described  above  are completed,  the  stores  are  sorted  for  distribution.  At  this point   DTO   material   may   be   turned   over   to   the department  representatives.  Get  signatures  on  a  copy  of the receipt paper. You are now ready to move the rest of  the  material  to  the  storerooms.  If  the  supplementary address  block  of  the  requisition  shows  storeroom locations, case lots or other unit pack materials may be taken to the storeroom. This happens after the receiving Storekeeper  pulls  one  copy  of  the  receipt  document  and verifies  the  material  and  quantity.  Receipt  of  the invoiced  quantity  is  shown  by  circling  the  quantity  on the  receipt  document.  If  the  correct  quantity  is  not received,  draw  a  line  through  the  invoiced  quantity  and enter  the  quantity  received. Repacked boxes along with any unidentified items are   moved   to   a   location   below   decks.   Here   the incoming  stores,  including  parcel  post,  are  unpacked. They  are  checked  against  receipt  documents  to  verify the materials and quantity, and sorted by storeroom or DTO.  DTO  material  should  be  turned  over  to  the ordering department as soon as Possible. Make sure you get the signature of the department representative on a copy of the receipt paper. RECEIPT  AND  PACKAGING DISCREPANCIES ‘The receiving activity reports shipping-type (item) or  packaging  discrepancies  that  are  the  shipper’s responsibility using a Report of Discrepancy (ROD), Standard  Form  364.  The  purpose  of  the  ROD  is  to determine  the  cause  of  such  discrepancies,  effect corrective action and prevent recurrence. When both item and packaging discrepancies are noted on the same shipment, both blocks on the top of the STD Form 364 will be checked. The types of discrepancies required to be  reported  are  described  in  the  NAVSUP  P-485.  For Discrepancies  in  quantities,  unit  prices,  price extension and document number between a requisition and  receipt  document  are  to  be  resolved  directly  with the  UNREP  ship.  Losses  of  $100  or  less  will  be absorbed by the receiver. Such discrepancies should be communicated  by  message  as  soon  as  possible  after  the UNREP.   If   notified   before   the   transmitting   the expenditure documents to the DFAS. The issuing ship normally  can  replace  them  with  accurate  documents. This can preclude the need for credit documents at a later date. (Refer to the NAVSUP P-485 for detailed information.) Loss of Material in Transit Due to Enemy Action When shipping documents or invoices show that material was shipped but not received is due to loss by enemy action, the receipt documents are to be stamped or otherwise have noted upon them: “Lost   in   transit   by   enemy   action.   Reference (authority  for  statement  of  loss).  Expended  without survey.” DETERMINING WHEN A SHIPMENT IS CONSIDERED  COMPLETE Shipments  are  considered  complete  when  the responsibility  for  the  material  passes  from  the  supplier to the receiver. For receipts from purchase, the delivery is complete when the material is delivered to the place designated in the purchase document and a signed receipt  obtained.  Deliveries  of  material  from  other ships or supply activities are complete when material is turned over to the ship’s representative and signed receipts obtained. During underway replenishment, delivery is complete when the material clears the side of the issuing ship. CUSTODY The   term   “custody”   is   used   to   mean   the responsibility for proper care, stowage, use, and records of Navy material. 6-6

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