Quantcast Figure  5-11.—Example of a supply status card  With upper and lower line interpretation.

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Page Title: Figure 5-11.—Example of a supply status card With upper and lower line interpretation.
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Figure 5-12.—Examples of a MILSTRIP requisition and supply status cards
Figure  5-11.—Example of a supply status card  With upper and lower line interpretation. known.  The  three  document  identifiers  you  will  most frequently use on the DD Form 1348s you prepare are: 1.  A0—Requisitions 2.  AC1—Cancdlation  request 3.   AF1—Followup You will receive supply status with several different document identified, of which the following are the most common: 1.  AE1—Automatic  supply  status 2. AB1—Direct delivery supply status 3.  AS1—Automatic  shipment  status The  automatic  supply  and  shipment   status is furnished  as  requested  by  the  M&S  code  on  the requisition. When  status  cards  are  received  they  should  be reviewed as soon as possible to detect requisitions that have been canceled. The status codes inform you of the action being taken and are found in the NAVSUP P-485. Cancellations  should  be  called  to  the  attention  of  the supply  officer  so  that,  if  the  material  is  still  required, new procurement action may be taken. The other status cards,  representing  passing  action,  backorders,  shipping staus, and so forth, should be attached to and filed with the  hardback  copies  of  the  related  requisitions  in  the MOF. Thus, at any time, you can determine the current status of a requisition by refering to the filed status Cards. Figure  5-12  has  an  example  of  a  MILSTRIP requisition  and  various  status  cards  pertaining  to  it.  In this  case,  M&S  code  ‘T”  was  used,  which  requests 100% supply status plus shipping status. The routing identifier  following  the  document  identifier  on  status cads identified the activity providing the status. The advice/status code in CC 65-66 tells you what the  requisitioner  is  doing.  The  routing  identifier following it is the activity holding the requisition after the action is completed. i.e., for BB and BH status codes the holder remained the same, but for BM it tells to whom the requisition was passed. On supply status cads, the date the action was taken is shown in CC 62-64 as a three-digit Julian date (year not shown). The  muting  identifier  of  the  requisition  holding  activity is entered in CC 67—69. The estimated shipping date, when  appropriate,  is  included  in  CC  70-73.  The current unit price is shown as a seven-digit number in CC   74-80. The   shipping   status   cards   show   the   routing identifier of the activity shipping the material in CC 4-6. The date it was shipped by a three-digit Julian date in CC 57—59, and the mode of shipment as a one-character code m CC 77. Additional information on  shipments  may  be  shown  when  shipments  are  made by other than parcel pmt. Mode of shipment codes are listed m the NAVSUP P-485. REQUISITION FOLLOWUP When material or status has not been received by the standard delivery date or the required delivery date 5-19

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