Quantcast Application for Commission or Warrant Rank, U.S. Navy or Naval Reserve

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Page Title: Application for Commission or Warrant Rank, U.S. Navy or Naval Reserve
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Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Figure 7-3.-Application for Commission or Warrant Rank, U.S. Navy or Naval Reserve, NAVCRUIT 1100/11
l Making sure all requisitioning documents for ID cards submitted by an ID card issuing activity are maintained for 5 years The Commander, Naval Supply System Command (COMNAVSYSCOM) is responsible for maintaining records  associated  with  the  issuance  and  accountability of ID cards requisitioned by ID card issuing activities. This includes the following: . Shipping ID cards to requisitioning activities by registered mail. .   Maintaining   records   of   requisitioning   and shipping documents for a period of 5 years. Such records must  contain  sufficient  information  to  allow  for  a complete  audit  trail  including  receipt  information  for Naval  Investigative  Service  inquiries. l Notifying the Chief of Naval Personnel of failure to deliver any ID cards. These cards must be identified by  requisition  control  number  and  ID  card  serial number. The ID card maybe photocopied when necessary to facilitate administrative requirements such as admission to medical facilities, check cashing, or administering military  related  benefits  to  eligible  beneficiaries. ACCOUNTABILITY The ID card is the property of the United States and must be carried by the bearer at all times. It is not a pass. Lending or giving an ID card as collateral for the return of  property  or  equipment  used  in,  or  provided  by, civilian  or  naval  recreation  activities  is  not  authorized. An example of this is signing out a basketball at the base gym. If required by proper military authority, it must be surrendered  by  the  bearer  under  any  of  the  following conditions: . It is replaced. l The bearer is released from active duty. .  It  is  required  for  identification  or  investigation purposes. l The bearer is in disciplinary confinement. . There is a change in status affecting eligibility. When an active duty member does not surrender the ID card, an entry indicating the circumstances must be made  on  page  13  (Administrative  Remarks,  NAVPERS 1070/613) of the member’s enlisted service record. 7-8 Members  that  are  being  separated  must  surrender the ID card as soon as the member is identified for separation. Anew DD 2N (ACT) should be issued for a  90-day  period  and  overstamped  Preseparation. Renewal of this card must be verified by the member’s service  record  holder.  All  cards  surrendered  must  be destroyed  by  the  confiscating  authority. APPLICATION FOR COMMISSION OR WARRANT RANK, U.S. NAVY OR NAVAL RESERVE Requirements for appointment in the Regular Navy and  Naval  Reserve  are  prescribed  by  statutes  and regulations.  Basic  requirements  are  contained  in  the Naval Military Personnel Manual (MILPERSMAN), NAVPERS  15560C.  The   Navy   Officer   Recruiting Manual ( C R U I T M A N - O F F ) ,    v o l u m e    2, COMNAVCRUITCOMINST  1131.2A,  provides  a matrix that indicates the forms and information required for  the  proper  completion  and  submission  of  an application package for officer program. In this section we   cover   the   preparation   of   the   Application   for Commission or Warrant Rank, U.S. Navy or Naval Reserve, NAVCRUIT 1100/11. Dependent upon the applicant’s  answer  to  individual  questions,  additional action may be needed. Refer to figure 7-3 as blocks are discussed. Block  1  -  NAME:  List  Mr.,  Mrs.,  or  Miss  as appropriate  and  the  full  name  to  include  the  maiden name in the following order: first, middle or maiden (if any), last. If no middle name, enter NMN. If the name consists of (an) initial(s) only, enter the appropriate initial(s)   followed   by   IO.   Include   additional designations  such  as  Jr.,  Sr.,  II,  when  applicable following  the  last  name. Block 2 - STATUS: Check civilian, military-active, or  military-inactive.  In  the  appropriate  boxes  enter  the military  paygrade  (ENS,  LT)  and  social  security number, including dashes. Block 3 - a. PRESENT ADDRESS: Provide the expiration of the current address to include the city, county, and state where applicant currently resides. b.  MAILING  ADDRESS:  Provide  the address at which the applicant can be reached at anytime to which orders or official correspondence should be mailed to include the street number, city, county, state, and  ZIP  Code.

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