Quantcast Chapter 6 Report Control and Records Disposal

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Page Title: Chapter 6 Report Control and Records Disposal
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DON Headquarters Improvement
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Assignment of Report Control Symbols
CHAPTER 6 REPORTS CONTROL AND RECORDS DISPOSAL Reports  control  is  a  management  tool  designed  to assure efficient response to local and higher echelon requirements for information. Each activity is required to establish a continuing and systematic appraisal of reports. The  contents  of  your  files  are  of  such  significance that our Congress has passed laws governing their disposition  and  fixing  penalties  for  unauthorized destruction.  These  laws  apply  to  unclassified  as  well  as classified  matter. This chapter gives you a basic understanding of the Department of the Navy Information Requirements (Reports)  Management  Program  that  a  report  control manager must deal with in order to have an effective information  requirements  management  program.  In  the latter part of this chapter we discuss the major elements that  govern  the  proper  disposal  of  government  records. REPORTS CONTROL SYSTEM A single office within each Navy command should be designated as the reports control point to review and process  existing  and  proposed  reports,  reporting systems, and their related directives. Normally, the reports  control  manager  is  a  function  of  the  ship’s secretary  (afloat)  or  the  administrative  officer  (ashore), with a senior Yeoman (YN) as reports control point supervisor.  The  responsibilities  of  the  reports  control point  include  the  following: l  Approving  proposed  new  reports  or  revisions  to reports before they are issued to make sure that they conform to reporting standards and that they do not duplicate  required  information l Assigning identification symbols to such reports .  Performing  follow-up  reviews  of  individual reports  on  a  scheduled  basis .  Maintaining  a  central  information  inventory (case file) on reports required and prepared by the organization DEFINITIONS Reports  are  required  for  distribution,  training, promotion planning, statistical purposes, and so forth. To  provide  information  for  all  these  purposes,  various reports are required. The definitions of the different kinds of reports are as follows: . A report is a collection of data or information regardless of the method of preparation or transmission for use in determining policy; planning, controlling, and evaluating   operations   and   performance;   making administrative  determinations;  or  preparing  other reports. The data or information may be submitted in any method of preparation or transmission; for example, narrative, statistical, graphic, magnetic tape, or other media. . An as-required report is a report that a particular office or organization requires from another office or organization. l A status report is an interim report explaining the amount of work completed or to be completed on an established  report. . A survey or personnel survey is an organized effort   to   obtain   information   from   persons   about themselves,   their   attitudes,   perceptions,   beliefs, opinions,  or  interests.  The  acquisition  of  such information is not a normal administrative requirement internal to the command. .  A  one-time  report  is  a  report  required  one  time only from one or more respondents. A new directive must be issued each time such a report is required. One-time reports are assigned a report control symbol according to the standard subject identification code (SSIC) using OT as the suffix number. .  A  recurring  report  is  a  report  that  conveys essential] y the same type of information at recurring intervals;  for  example,  daily,  weekly,  monthly,  or annually. . Situation reports are recurring reports prepared and  required  upon  each  occurrence,  recurrence,  or nonoccurrence of an event or situation; for example, upon graduation or the occurrence of an accident. 6-1

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