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Page Title: Permanent Change of Station Travel Form
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Passenger Reservation Request, Continued
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Instructions for Completion of the PCS Travel Form
the  port  where  the  individual  will  be  detached.  If detached  overseas,  state  the  location. Item 12 - Ultimate Duty Station: Permanent or temporary duty station (activity or ship to include the unit  identification  code  [UIC])  to  which  traveler  is ending  one-way  trip.  (Use  the   Standard   Navy Distribution  List  [SNDL]  or  Navy  communications abbreviations for activities, and include hull number of ship.) Item 13 - Intermediate Duty Station: Station to which  traveler  will  report  for  TEMADD/  TAD/ TEMDU/TDY while en route to ultimate duty station. Item  14  -  Leave  Address  After  Detachment: Provide leave address, ZIP Code, and telephone number (including  area  code). Item 15 - Orders Directing Transfer: Submit order number/transportation  code  (TC)  directing  PCS transfers  (example: BUPERS  Order  123456  for officers;  BUPERS  TC  B0155  for  enlisted).  Submit TANGO   number   and   date   orders   issued   for TEMADD/TAD/TEMDU/TDY  travel. Item 16  - Additional Information: When applicable, indicate  TEMADD/TAD/TEMDU/TDY  activities  in CONUS  en  route  to  overseas  duty.  Furnish  any  other pertinent  information. Item  17  -  Return  Date:  If  the  traveler  is  on TEMADD/TAD,  provide  the  date  available  for  return transportation to duty station. Item 18 - Return Origin: Point where temporary duty traveler will be available for return transportation. Item  19  -   Return  Destination:  Point  to  which temporary duty traveler must return. Item 20 - Passports: Member/sponsor. If travel is to a destination requiring a passport, and a no-fee passport is in the  traveler’s  possession,  give  passport  number and expiration date. If applying for a no-fee passport, give date and place of birth and date and  place  passport  application  was  submitted. Dependent.  If  dependent(s)  are  traveling  to  a destination requiring a passport, and no-fee passports  are  in  their  possession,  give  passport number and expiration date for each dependent. If applying for a no-fee passport, give date and place of birth and date and place each passport application  was  submitted. Item 21- Dependent Travel: For dependent travel, provide  the  following  information: EAOS of member or obligated service date of naval reservist. Estimated  date  dependents  will  be  available  to depart CONUS. DOD prescribed accompanied tour length as indicated   in   the   OFFTRANSMAN   and/or ENLTRANSMAN. Suitability  of  member  and  dependents  for residency   overseas.   See   OFFTRANSMAN and/or   ENLTRANSMAN. Item 22 - Fiscal Data: For personnel detaching from deployed  units,  include  the  funding  appropriation  to  be used by the NAVPTO in case routing via commercial transportation may be required and a MAC CIC in case routing  is  via  MAC  transportation. NOTE  1:  Certain  categories  of  passengers  who were previously authorized space-available only are now   also   authorized   the   option   of   accepting space-required  transportation  reimbursable  to  the government   by   the   traveler   or   sponsor.   See NAVMILPERSCOMINST  4650.2A,  chapter  6,  section C. PERMANENT CHANGE OF STATION TRAVEL FORM Each  year  the  Navy  spends  millions  of  dollars  for the  transportation  of  military  personnel  and  their dependents  and  the  shipment  of  personal  property between the old and new duty stations. The PCS Travel, NAVPERS 7041/1, is the primary source of statistical information regarding transfers and is an essential tool used in the fiscal management of the Permanent Change of   Station   (PCS)   Program.   Without   the   travel information, effective and efficient budgeting of PCS funds is impossible. TYPES OF TRANSFERS Orders initiating PCS transfers originate as either BUPERS orders or field orders. BUPERS orders are delivered   to   the   member’s   command   from   the orderwriting  community.  Field  orders  are  delivered  to the member under the authority of the CO and include the  following: .  Accessions  and  separations  (enlisted  members, midshipmen,  officer  candidate  school  members, 9-9

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