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Retired Military Personnel
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Figure 2-1. An example of a military postal clerk designation/termination (DD Form 2257).
CHAPTER 2 DESIGNATIONS AND TERMINATIONS In chapter 1, you learned about the qualifications and responsibilities of Navy Postal Clerks.   Now we will discuss the designations required to assume the different  positions  in  a  military  post  office  and  the procedures   for   completing   the   Designation/ Termination forms. SELECTION AND DESIGNATION OF MILITARY POST OFFICE PERSONNEL Learning  Objective:  Recognize   the designations required of personnel involved with  operating  a  Military  Post  Office (MPO). Personnel  who  perform  postal  duties  must  be loyal, trustworthy, and honest.  By agreement between the USPS and the Department of Defense, personnel of questionable integrity may not be assigned to duties in MPOs,  mailrooms,  mail  terminals,  or  other  postal facilities. The requirements listed in chapter 1, outlined by the USPS-DOD Postal Agreement, and expanded upon by MPSAapply to all military services. However, they are   not   intended   as   an   all-inclusive   list   of qualifications  for  designation.    In  addition  to  the criteria listed in chapter 1, each military service can develop its own selection qualifications to incorporate unique career duty classification requirements. U.S. civilian personnel and Foreign Nationals also must meet the basic criteria listed in chapter 1 to be designated as MPCs, FPCs, COPEs, or PFOs. Military personnel  selected  for  postal  duties  who  have  no previous  postal  experience  should  be  scheduled  to attend   a   postal   course   before   assuming   postal assignment. Personnel   selected   for   key   postal positions will receive training before assuming duties. Training  should  emphasize  the  importance  of  the postal  service  and  the  need  to  follow  established policies and procedures.   The MPS is dependent on well-trained, motivated, and reliable personnel. DESIGNATION OF MILITARY POSTAL CLERK Before being permitted to perform postal financial duties  or  assuming  custody  of  postal  effects,  an individual must be designated as a militay postal clerk (MPC).    Personnel  are  designated  using  DD  Form 2257,  Designation/Termination  MPC-FPC-COPE- PFO.  See figure 2-1.  Personnel will also have a page 13 entry made in their service records.  See figure 2-2. All designations must be in accordance with chapter 4 of the DOD Postal Manual and the Department of the Navy Postal Instructions.   Military postal clerks are only designated once in their military career. However you should ensure that when you reenlist, DD Form 2257 and the page 13 entry are retained in your service record. The appointing official will also issue the designee a DD Form 285, Appointment of Military Postal Clerk, Unit  Mail  Orderly,  to  identify  the  individual  as  a member  of  the  MPS.  The  DD  Form  285  will  be postmarked  in  block  10  with  the  all-purpose  date stamp (APDS) of the MPO to which the individual is assigned.  See figure 2-3. Figure  2-1  is  an  example  of  DD  Form  2257 designating an MPC.  Use instructions listed below to guide you through the process. Block 1:   Enter the name of the individual being designated as an MPC along with the mailing address of the current command. Block  2:     Enter  the  complete  address  of  the designee’s command. Block  3:     Indicate  the  position  for  which  the individual is being designated.   (In this situation as a MILITARY POSTAL CLERK (MILITARY.) Block 4:   Type or print the designee’s full name, pay grade, and branch of service. Block 5:   (For MPCs this block should read: All Military Post Offices.) Block 6:   Have the designee read this statement, sign, and date. 2-1

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