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Page Title: Postage Rates
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Parcel Post
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Customs Forms and Procedures for International Mail
EXCEPTIONS:  A file or collection of out-of-date correspondence  that  has  served  its  original  purpose may be enclosed in a parcel. Also, a parcel can contain an  invoice  as  long  as  the  invoice  is  limited  to  the particulars that constitute an invoice. POSTAGE RATES Rate tables are shown in the Individual Country Listings under the Parcel Post heading of each country to which the service is available. The column to the left shows air rates and the column to the right shows the surface rates.   The center column shows the weight. See figure 6-1. Placement of Postage Place  stamps  or  a  meter  strip  for  payment  of postage  and  fees  in  the  upper  -  right  corner  of  the address side of the parcel. WEIGHT AND SIZE LIMITS The maximum weight limit for parcel post varies from country to country. A parcel must not exceed the maximum size limits for the country to which it is addressed.  International parcels, except circular objects, are measured in the same manner as domestic parcels. Always,  refer  to  the  Parcel  Post  section  of  the Individual Country Listings, for maximum weight and size limits. Measuring Circular Objects Circular objects, such as tires, coils of rope, hose, wire,  and  so  forth,  are  measured  using  a  different method  when  sent  as  international  mail.   A circular object, whether there is an open space in the center or not, is measured around its entire girth in the direction of  the  diameter  as  shown  in  figure  6-5.    This measurement must not exceed 64 inches. Measuring Rectangular Parcels Rectangular  parcels  presented  for  mailing  as international mail are measured the same as domestic parcels.   The size restrictions for rectangular parcels accepted in international mail are as follows: Minimum length and width-5 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches Maximum length-42 inches Maximum length and girth combined-79 inches PACKAGING REQUIREMENTS Every  parcel  must  be  securely  and  substantially packaged.  When preparing a package for mailing, the sender must consider the nature of the contents, the climate, the length of the journey, and the numerous handlings involved in the conveyance of international mail. Even though the mailer is responsible for properly enclosing,  packaging,  and  sealing  the  parcel,  the accepting clerk is responsible for informing mailers of the  requirements  so  they  can  meet  their  responsi- bilities. Acceptable Containers Ordinary  paperboard  containers  are  not acceptable.    Items  must  be  packaged  in  one  of  the following containers: Canvas or similar material Double-faced  corrugated  or  solid  (minimum 275-pound test) fiber boxes or cases Strong wooden boxes made of lumber at least l/2 inch thick or plywood of at least three plies Heavy  wrapping  paper  or  waterproof  paper  can only be used as the outside covering of a parcel.   If otherwise acceptable, boxes with screwed or nailed on lids and bags closed by sewing may be used.   Heavy objects  must  be  surrounded  with  other  contents  or packaging material to prevent their shifting within the parcel. 6-11 Figure 6-5. Measuring circular objects.

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