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Domestic Mail Manual
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Standard Navy Distribution List
publication  is  automatically  distributed  to  all commands operating military post offices. POSTAL OPERATIONS MANUAL The  Postal Operations Manual  (POM) sets forth the  policies  and  procedures  for  the  operational functions  of  the  USPS  post  offices.    This  manual consists  of  eight  chapters  and  a  forms  index.    The chapters  contain  information  on  retail  management, philately,   collection   service-national   service standards,   mail   processing   procedures,   mail transportation,  delivery  services,  postal  vehicle service, and special services.  The forms index lists all forms  related  to  the  POM.   You  will  find  the  POM supplements the DMM and much of the information given  pertains  to  USPS  Post  Offices  and  not  the military.  The POM is automatically distributed by the USPS to all commands that operate a post office. NATIONAL FIVE-DIGIT ZIP CODE AND POST OFFICE DIRECTORY The  U.S.  Postal  Service  publishes  the  National Five-Digit  ZIP  Code  and  Post  Office  Directory, Publication  65-A,  annually  to  furnish  correct  and current ZIP Code and mailing information to the mail user and the public in general.  This directory contains complete  information  relating  to  the  five-digit  ZIP Code system and information required by the mailer concerning  USPS  facilities  and  organization.    This publication  is  automatically  distributed  to  all commands operating military post offices. ZIP Codes are five-digit code numbers placed in addresses to identify the specific post office to which each  article  will  be  delivered.     Each  post  office throughout the United States has its own ZIP Code. Through the use of ZIP Codes, sorting and movement of mail can be quickly accomplished. If you receive an article at your MPO window without a ZIP Code, you should  direct  the  person  presenting  the  article  for mailing to the National Five-Digit ZIP Code and Post Office Directory.   This directory is organized into 2 volumes containing 13 sections and 7 appendices with sections 3 (state list of post offices and post offices with street  listings)  and  12  (address  formats  for  overseas mail) being those most generally used to locate ZIP Codes. PUBLICATION 52—ACCEPTANCE OF HAZARDOUS, RESTRICTED, OR PERISHABLE MATTER Publication 52 is a must to have in any military post office.  This publication is a reference handbook used by Postal Clerks to determine under what conditions hazardous, restricted, and perishable materials may be accepted for mailing. DISTRIBUTING, DISPATCHING AND TRANSPORTING MILITARY MAIL BY AIR (HDBK T-7) This handbook is applicable to all personnel of the USPS, air carriers, and the DOD who are responsible for handling, processing, dispatching, and transporting military  mail  to  and  from  the  United  States  and between military postal units overseas. DIRECTIVES AND FORMS CATALOG (PUB-223) This  catalog  lists  all  national  Postal  Service directives and forms, as well as non-postal government forms and documents used by the Postal Service.  This catalog will be used when preparing requisitions and when performing inventory of supplies. SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT CATALOG (PUB-247) This catalog lists all supply and equipment items available  from  the  USPS.    Instructions  for  ordering along with photographs, descriptions, dimensions, and weights of individual items are provided to allow for easy identification of required supplies. REQUISITIONING LABELS (HDBK PO-423) This handbook is designed to provide instructions regarding  requisitioning  label  products  through  the USPS.  It provides label product information and label ordering procedures.  It is essential to keep this guide current. CONTAINER METHODS (HDBK PO-502) This  handbook  provides  information  concerning the   USPS   containerization   policy,   operating descriptions  of  all  USPS  containers,  uses  of  USPS containers, the relationship of container use to other 1-14

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