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Page Title: Authority of Juniors To Issue Orders to Seniors
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1037.  Authority  of  Warrant  Officers,  Non- Commissioned Officers, and Petty Officers Chief  warrant  officers,  warrant  of- ficers,   non-commissioned   officers,   and petty   officers   shall   have,   under   their superiors,  all  necessary  authority  for  the proper  performance  of  their  duties,  and they  shall  be  obeyed  accordingly. 1038. Authority of a Sentry A sentry, within the limits stated in his or   her   orders,   has   authority   over   all persons  on  his  or  her  post. 1039. Authority of Juniors To Issue Orders to Seniors No member of the armed forces is authorized by virtue of his or her rank alone to give any order or  grant  any  privilege,  permission,  or  liberty  to any officer senior to him or her. A member is not required  to  receive  such  order,  privilege,  per- mission,  or  liberty  from  a  junior,  unless  such junior  is  at  the  time: 1111. In command of the ship or other command to  which  the  senior  is  attached. In  command  or  direction  of  the  military expedition  or  duty  on  which  such  senior is serving. An executive officer executing an order of the   commanding   officer. Pecuniary Dealings With Enlisted Persons No officer should have any dealings involving money  with  enlisted  persons  except  as  may  be required in the performance of the officer’s duties or  as  involved  in  the  sale  of  personal  property. An  officer  may  be  designated  by  superior authority  to  accept  deposits  from  enlisted  person- nel for the purpose of safeguarding these funds under  emergency  or  operational  situations. 1112. Lending Money and Engaging in a Trade or Business Naval   personnel   shall   not   lend   money   to another  member  of  the  armed  services  at  an interest  rate,  for  the  period  of  the  loan,  that exceeds   18   percent   simple   interest   per   year. Personnel may not act as a salesperson or an agent or  engage  in  a  business  on  board  without permission  of  the  commanding  officer. 1115. Report of Fraud Any   suspicions   of   fraud,   collusion,   or   im- proper  conduct  in  matters  concerning  supplies  and repairs  should  be  reported  to  proper  authority. 1125. Inspection of the Record of a Person in the Naval  Service A person’s naval record is maintained by the Chief of Naval Personnel or the Commandant of the Marine Corps. The record must be available for  inspection  by  that  person  or  an  authorized agent  designated  in  writing  by  that  person. 1130. Officer’s Duties Relative to Laws, Orders and Regulations All officers in the naval service shall acquaint themselves with and obey the laws, regulations, and  orders  relating  to  the  Department  of  the Navy.  They  shall  also,  as  far  as  their  authority extends,   enforce   these   laws,   regulations,   and orders.   They   shall   faithfully   and   truthfully discharge the duties of their office to the best of their ability in conformance with existing orders and  regulations  and  their  solemn  profession  of  the oath of office. In the absence of instructions, they shall   act   in   conformity customs  of  the  service interest. 1132. Compliance With with  the  policies  and to   protect   the   public Lawful Orders All  persons  in  the  naval  service  are required to obey readily and strictly, and to  execute  promptly,  the  lawful  orders  of their superiors. 1133. Language Reflecting on a Superior Language tending to diminish the confidence and respect due superior officers shall not be used. 1134. Exchange of Duty An  assigned  duty  may  not  be  changed  with another  person  (such  as  trading  watches)  without permission  from  proper  authority. 6-4

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