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Page Title: Command Duty Officer (CDO)
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the  ship’s  engineering  plant.  The  EOOW  has  to be  thoroughly  familiar  with  the  ship’s  engineering systems,  including  their  capabilities  and  limita- tions. If a casualty occurs to any piece of equip- ment in the engineering plant, the EOOW must know  the  proper  procedures  to  follow  to  control the  casualty.  Some  of  the  duties  and  respon- sibilities  of  the  EOOW  are  as  follows: Supervising  personnel  on  watch  in  the Engineering  Department  to  ensure  they operate  machinery  according  to  instruc- tions;   ensuring   personnel   maintain   re- quired logs, properly man machinery and controls, and  carry  out  all  required inspections  and  safety  precautions Ensuring  personnel  promptly  and  properly execute all orders from the OOD concern- ing the speed and direction of rotation of the main engines Immediately   executing   all   emergency orders concerning the speed and direction of  rotation  of  the  screws Immediately informing the OOD and the engineer  officer  of  any  casualty  that  would prevent   the   execution   of   engine   speed orders   or   would   affect   the   operational capability  of  the  ship Keeping   informed   of   the   power   re- quirements  for  operations;  ensuring  the propulsion and auxiliary machinery com- bination   effectively   meets   operational requirements Supervising  and  coordinating  on-the-job training  for  engineering  personnel  on watch The EOOW is the OOD’s link to the engineer- ing  plant.  They  work  together  and  should  keep each other informed. The OOD should inform the EOOW  as  soon  as  possible  when  changes  in  speed are  anticipated.  For  example,  to  increase  speed substantially  to  go  to  an  assigned  station,  the OOD should notify the EOOW of the anticipated speed required. This gives the EOOW time to start additional machinery needed to meet the increased speed requirement. COMMAND  DUTY  OFFICER  (CDO) The command duty officer (CDO) is the direct representative  of  the  commanding  officer.  Some large ships have a CDO assigned underway, but in  this  text  we  will  discuss  the  CDO  in  port. The commanding officer designates an officer, or in some cases a petty officer, as the CDO. The CDO  carries  out  the  routine  of  the  unit  in  port and supervises the OOD (in port) in the safety and general duties of the unit. The CDO carries out the duties of the executive officer (XO) during the XO’s temporary absence. Some of the duties and responsibilities  of  the  CDO  are  as  follows: Advising  and,  if  necessary,  directing  the OOD  in  the  general  duties  of  the  unit Keeping  informed  of  the  unit’s  position, mooring  lines  or  ground  tackle  in  use, status  of  the  engineering  plant,  and  all other   matters   affecting   the   safety   and security  of  the  unit Relieving  the  OOD  when  necessary  for  the safety of the unit, and informing the com- manding officer when such action is taken In  the  absence  of  the  executive  officer, receiving  the  eight-o’clock  reports  from  the department  duty  officers  and  reporting  the condition  of  the  unit  to  the  commanding officer Mustering,  drilling,  and  inspecting  duty emergency parties Normally, the CDO stands a 24-hour watch. Most other watches are only for a 4-hour period. The CDO, being the direct representative of the commanding    officer,    has   full   and   complete authority over the unit. All personnel, regardless of  rate  or  rank,  are  subordinate  to  the  CDO. OFFICER OF THE DECK (IN PORT) The  OOD  (in  port)  is  the  officer  or  petty officer on watch designated by the commanding officer  to  be  in  charge  of  the  unit.  The  OOD's primary  responsibility  is  the  safety  and  proper operation  of  the  unit.  The  OOD's  other  duties  and responsibilities  include  the  following: •  Keeping continually informed of the unit’s position,  mooring  lines  or  ground  tackle in use, tide and weather information, the status of the engineering plant, the status of  the  unit’s  boats,  and  all  other  matter affecting the safety and security of the unit 4-4

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