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Page Title: Crew at Quarters on Entering and Leaving Port
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        Ruffles           and Official       flourishes         Music          Guard Remarks President                    4 National Anthem Full ”Attention” sounded and salute by all persons in view on deck. If directed by the senior officer present, man rail. Secretary of State when special 4 . . .” . . .” ”Attention” sounded, and salute by foreign representative of all persons in view on deck. President. Vice President                     4 Hail Columbia . . . ”    . . .” Secretary of Defense; Deputy 4 Admiral’s March . . .”    . . .” Secretary of Defense; Secretary of the Navy; Director of Defense, Research and Engineering; Assist- tant Secretary of Defense; and Undersecretary or an Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Other Civil official entitled to    . . . ” honors on official visit. Officer of armed service.   . . . ” Figure 8-3.-Passing honors to officials and military officers embarked in boats. SEQUENCE IN RENDERING PASSING HONORS Ships  render  passing  honors  in  the  following sequence: 1.    When the bow of one ship passes the bow or stern of the other, the junior sounds attention when the bow  of  one  ship  passes  the  bow  or  stern  of  the other.  If  the  senior  is  embarked  in  a  boat,  the junior sounds attention before the boat is abreast of the quarterdeck. 2.    The music, if required, sounds off. 3.    “Carry on” is sounded when the prescribed honors have been rendered and acknowledged. DISPENSING WITH PASSING HONORS Passing honors are not rendered after sunset or before   0800   except   when   international   courtesy requires. They also are not exchanged between Navy ships engaged in tactical evolutions outside port. The senior officer present may direct that passing honors be dispensed with in whole or in part. Passing honors are  not  rendered  by  or  required of ships with small bridge areas, such as sub-marines, particularly when in restricted waters. CREW AT QUARTERS ON ENTERING OR LEAVING PORT The crew is paraded at quarters during day-light on entering or leaving port on occasions of ceremony except when weather or other circumstances make it impracticable  or  undesirable  to  do  so.  Ordinarily, occasions of ceremony are construed as visits that are not    operational;    as    visits    at    home    port   when departing     for     or     returning     from     a     lengthy deployment;  as   visits   to   foreign   ports   not   visited recently; and as other special occasions so determined by a superior. In lieu of parading the entire crew  at quarters,   an   honor   guard   may   be   paraded   in   a conspicuous place on weather decks. DISPLAY OF NATIONAL ENSIGN, UNION JACK, AND DISTINCTIVE MARK FROM SHIPS AND CRAFT Ships and craft of the Navy display the national ensign, the union jack, their personal flag 8-7

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