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Page Title: Morning and Evening Colors
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any   other   country,   as  a  part  of  a  medley  is prohibited. •  When  a  foreign  national  anthem  is prescribed  in  connection  with  honors,  and  per- forming the national anthem of the United States is   also   considered   appropriate,   the   national ant hem of the United States is performed last. On other occasions when foreign national anthems  are  performed,  the  national  anthem  of the United States is performed last, except when performed  in  conjunction  with  morning  colors. Whenever the national anthem of the United States is played, all naval service personnel not in  formation  stand  at  attention  and  face  the national  ensign;  if  the  national  ensign  is  not being  displayed,  they  face  the  source  of  the  music. When covered, they salute at the first note of the anthem.  Persons  in  formation  are  brought  to order arms or called to attention as appropriate. The formation commander faces in the direction of the music or ensign and renders the salute for the unit. Persons in formation participating in a ceremony,  on  the  formation  commander’s  com- mand,  follow  the  procedure  prescribed  for  such persons during colors; persons in civilian clothes comply  with  the  rules  and  customs  established  for civilians. Personnel  show  the  same  respect  prescribed during the playing of the national anthem of the United  States  during  the  playing  of  a  foreign national  anthem. MORNING  AND  EVENING  COLORS Naval  commands  ashore  and  aboard  ships  not underway  observe  the  ceremonial  hoisting  and lowering of the national ensign at 0800 and sunset. At  0800,  this  ceremony  is  known  as  morning colors;  at  sunset,  it  is  known  as  evening  colors, Commands carry out this ceremony as prescribed in Navy  Regulations  as  follows: The  guard  of  the  day  and  the  band  are paraded in the vicinity of the point of hoist of the ensign. • “Attention”  is  sounded,  followed  by  the playing  of  the  national  anthem  by  the  band. At morning colors, the ensign is started up at  the  beginning  of  the  music  and  hoisted  smartly to   the   peak   or   truck.   At   evening   colors,   the ensign  is  started  from  the  peak  or  truck  at  the beginning of the music and lowered at a pace with the music so as to be completed at the last note. At the completion of the music, the bugle call  “Carry  On”  is  sounded. In the absence of a band, “To the Colors” is  played  by  the  bugle  at  morning  colors,  and “Retreat” at   evening   colors.   The   salute   is rendered as prescribed for the national anthem. In the absence of music, a whistle sounds “Attention”  and  “Carry  On”  to  begin  and  end the salute. “Carry On” is sounded as soon as the ensign  is  completely  lowered. During  colors,  boats  underway  within  sight or  hearing  of  the  ceremony  lie-to  or  proceed  at the slowest safe speed. Boat officers (or in their absence,  coxswains)  stand  and  salute  except  when dangerous  to  do  so.  Other  persons  in  the  boat remain  seated  or  standing  and  do  not  salute. During  colors,  vehicles  within  sight  or hearing  of  the  ceremony  stop.  Persons  riding  in such vehicles remain seated at attention. After  morning  colors,  if  foreign  warships are present, the national anthem of each nation represented is played. Anthems are played in the order in which a gun salute would be fired to, or exchanged   with,   the   senior   official   or   officer present  of  each  nation.  This  is  provided  so  that when  a  ship  is  in  a  foreign  port,  the  national anthem  of  the  port  is  played  immediately  after morning colors, followed by the national anthems of  other  foreign  nations  present. SALUTES  TO  THE  NATIONAL  ENSIGN Each   person   in   the   naval   service,   upon boarding a ship of the Navy, salutes the national ensign if it is flying. Each person stops on reaching the upper platform of the accommodation ladder or   the   shipboard   end   of   the   brow;   faces   the national ensign; renders the salute; and then, in turn,  salutes  the  officer  of  the  deck.  On  leaving the ship, the person renders the salute in inverse order. The officer of the deck returns both salutes. When passed by or passing the national ensign being  carried,  uncased,  in  a  military  formation, all persons in the naval service salute. Persons in vehicles or boats follow the procedure prescribed for  such  persons  during  colors. 8-2

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