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Page Title: Fitness Reports
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forwarded to the Naval Reserve Personnel Center for filing in the Officer Qualification Record. If  the  NAVPERS  1210/5  is  missing  upon  verifi- cation of an officer’s service record, the officer must complete   a   new   form.   Copies   of   the   Officer Qualification  Questionnaire  will  be  forwarded  to BUPERS or the Naval Reserve Personnel Center only at the time of initial commission or upon request. FITNESS REPORTS Each  officer’s  performance  is  evaluated  at  least annually (twice a year for LTJGs and W-2s)—on the officer’s  detachment  and  on  the  reporting  senior’s detachment.    Additionally,  special,  concurrent,  and operational commander reports may be issued under special conditions.  All reports for captains and below are  done  on  the  NAVPERS  1611/1  form.     It  is  a multipart   form   with   copies   for   the   officer,   the reporting senior, and the headquarters’ record. Fitness reports constitute a running record of your performance  throughout  your  service.    They  are  the primary  tool  used  in  the  promotion  and  assignment process. Periodic  Fitness  Reports  (FITREPs)  are  due  on the  last  day  of  the  month  shown  as  follows.     They must be submitted within 15 days after the end of the reporting period. CWO2 March and September CWO3/CWO4 March ENS May LTJG February and August LT January LCDR October Observed  reports  for  junior  officers  must  be signed  by  both  the  officer  and  the  reporting  senior before  submission.     Before  you  sign  your  report, verify  that  your  SSN  and  name  are  correct.    Check blocks  12  and  13  to  be  sure  that  there  is  continuity between reports.   Your current report must cover the entire period since your last report or cover the first FITREP received when you came on active duty.  You should receive a copy of the report.  If you don’t, you should ask for it.  Be sure to retain your copies. SELECTION BOARDS All promotions to lieutenant and higher are made by   statutory   selection   boards   convened   by   the Secretary of the Navy.  These boards are charged with selecting   officers   who   are   best   qualified   for promotion. Selection  boards  use  the  fitness  reports  on  your microfiche   record   as   their   primary   source   of information.     They  also  use  the  Officer  Summary Record  (OSR).    The  OSR  summarizes  information about the officer from automated files.  In addition to summaries  of  fitness  reports,  the  OSR  displays information about appointments, promotions, current assignment,   awards,   schools,   education,   and qualifications.   You may obtain a copy of your OSR by  writing  to  President,  [appropriate  fiscal  year, grade, line or staff corps] Promotion Selection Board, Bureau  of  Naval  Personnel  (Pers-26),  Washington, DC    20370-5220.    Naval  Reservists  should  use  the preceding   address   but   substitute   the   following information: Pers-93  and  ZIP  Code  20370-5930. Include your name, SSN, and mailing address; be sure to sign the request. In  addition,  numerous  administrative  boards  are conducted each year.   These boards consider officers for   many   programs,   including   subspecialty, augmentation, training, and department head. HEALTH RECORD Most of the time your health record will take care of itself.  Rather, the medical officer or administrative unit to which you are attached will take care of it and, under certain conditions, will forward it to your next duty  station.    At  those  times  when  you  have  your health record in your possession, you are responsible for it.   Take care of it, for it is an important record. Not having it at the right time may mean taking your immunization shots over again.  Your health history is reviewed   to   determine   your   entitlement   to   any disability allowance.  This entitlement can affect your retirement and pay! YOUR PAY ACCOUNT Under  the  Joint  Uniform  Military  Pay  System (JUMPS),  your  pay  account  is  centrally  maintained by    the    Defense    Finance    and    Accounting Service—Cleveland  Center  (DFAS-CL),  Cleveland, Ohio.     Your  Personnel  Support  Detachment  (PSD) (shore  commands)  or  disbursing  and  administration offices  (afloat  commands)  submit  daily  computer input  to  DFAS-CL.    This  input  provides  details  that affect  your  pay,  allowances,  deductions,  and  leave. All changes, such as promotions, dependent status, or leave taken, affect your pay and your taxes. DFAS-CL  prepares  a  monthly  account  of  your pay  and  accrued  leave  in  the  form  of  a  Leave  and Earnings  Statement  (LES),  which  is  mailed  to  your local disbursing officer in duplicate.   Figure 4-1 is a 4-4

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