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Page Title: Grooming Standards
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TRAVELING IN UNIFORM When  traveling  in  uniform,  wear  the  prescribed uniform for the area to which you are traveling.  If you cannot  determine  the  prescribed  uniform,  wear  the Service Dress Blue uniform.  This uniform is accepted worldwide in all seasons as a travel uniform.   Under certain  circumstances,  you  may  not  be  permitted  to perform   international   travel   overseas   in   uniform. Consult your personnel officer for the proper uniform or   civilian   attire   to   wear   when   performing international travel. GROOMING STANDARDS A sharp  uniform  looks  tacky  on  an  officer  who does  not  meet  proper  grooming  standards. Your uniform   is   only   a   part   of   your   overall   personal appearance.    Don’t degrade the uniform with sloppy grooming  standards.    For  the  most  part,  the  Navy’s grooming   standards   haven’t   changed   recently. However,  sometimes  they  sound  new  when  you  are reminded  of  them.    Listed  below  are  excerpts  from Navy grooming standards: Men’s hair is to be tapered.  Hair above the ears and around the neck shall be tapered from the lower hairline   upwards   at   least   three-fourths   inch   and outward  not  greater  than  three-fourths  inch  to  blend with  hairstyle.    The  length  of  hair  can  be  no  longer than 4 inches, and the bulk of the hair cannot be more than 2 inches thick.  Hair cannot touch the shirt collar. Faddish, multicolored hair is not authorized. The maximum width allowed for a mustache is one-quarter  inch  beyond  the  corners  of  the  mouth. The mustache cannot extend below the upper lip line or below an imaginary line through the corners of the mouth.   Mustache hair cannot be longer than one-half of   an   inch   in   length. Beards   are   not   authorized without a temporary medical waiver approved by the commanding officer. Sideburns  are  to  be  of  an  even  width  and  no longer than the lower point of the ear lobe. Women’s hair is not to extend beyond the lower edge of the shirt collar.  Hair is not to be visible under the front of any headgear, except the beret.   The front of  the  hair  cannot  be  lower  than  the  eyebrows  with your  headgear  removed. Rubber  bands,  pins,  and combs  must  be  inconspicuous.     No  more  than  two barrettes  can  be  used,  and  the  color  must  match  the color of the hair.   The bulk of the hair cannot be more than 2 inches thick.   Faddish, multicolored hair is not authorized. Women may not wear ponytails or pigtails.   A maximum of two braids, neatly secured at all points to the head are authorized. Jewelry, for both men and women, can include one  ring  per  hand,  plus  a  wedding  ring  (or  wedding ring set).  A necklace can be worn if it is not visible.  A total of one wristwatch and one bracelet can be worn. No ankle bracelets are authorized. Women  officers  may  only  wear  6-mm  matte gold, ball-type earrings.   Earrings are not authorized for men while in uniform.   Additionally men may not wear earrings with civilian attire when in a duty status or   while   aboard   any   ship,   craft,   aircraft,   in   any military  vehicle,  or  within  any  base  or  other  place under  military  jurisdiction  or  while  participating  in any organized military recreational activities. Fingernails   for   men   must   be   even   with   the fingertip.     Fingernails  for  women  cannot  be  longer than one-fourth inch from the fingertip. Cosmetics   and   fingernail   polish   for   women must  be  conservative  and  complement  the  woman’s skin tone. 5-9

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