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Page Title: Assembly and Submission Requirements
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2. One copy of this form goes with the monthly financial returns. 3. The other copy goes to the retained returns. NOTE: The total amount shown on the SF 1179 must agree with the amount shown in the check issue information on the reverse of the Statement of Accountability, SF 1219. ASSEMBLY  AND  SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS The monthly checking account returns from DOs will  consist  of  the  following  documentation: Detail of checks issued (in machine readable format) Original  of  Month  End  Check  Issue  Summary, SF 1179 Statement  of  destruction  of  voided  checks Any Advice of Check Issue Discrepancy, TFS 5206, or Journal Voucher, OF Form 1017-G AUDITS  OF  U.S.  TREASURY  CHECKING ACCOUNTS The Department of the Treasury performs the audit and  reconciliation  of  U.S.  Treasury  checks.  Each  paid check is reconciled with the amount of issue as reported in  a  DO’s  checking  account  returns.  Although  no reconciliation statements or outstanding checklists are furnished to individual DOs, the Treasury Department advises  each  DO  of  any  check  issue  discrepancy  of $1.01  or  more  detected  during  the  reconciliation process. Additionally, the Treasury will advise each DO of all checks paid for which a report of issue has not been  received  or  accepted. Discrepancies  of  $1.00  or  Less The   Treasury   will   make   adjustments   for discrepancies of $1.00 or less, without notification to the individual DO. Discrepancies of $1.01 or More The  Department  of  the  Treasury  will  report  each discrepancy  of  $1.01  or  more  to  the  individual  DO  on an Advice of Check Issue Discrepancy, TFS 5206. The correction for the discrepancy should then be made on a DD 1034 or DD 1131 to adjust the difference between the  check  and  the  appropriation.  Complete  instructions for  correction  procedures  can  be  found  in  the DODFMR,  Volume  5. SUMMARY This chapter has given you only a brief overview of the many facets involved in U.S. Treasury checking accounts.  The  accountability  procedures  for  handling U.S.  Treasury  checks—from  the  time  of  ordering through issuance to the payee—are as strictly controlled as  those  for  cash  funds.  Even  after  U.S.  Treasury checks are issued, the DO remains constantly involved with   procedures   concerning   check   cancellations; replacements  of  lost,  stolen,  or  mutilated  checks;  and determinations  concerning  checks  that  have  not  been negotiated within the limited playability time frame. In this chapter, you have read only about some of the more common situations you may encounter as a senior DK. Be aware that this area of disbursing will always be challenging and complex. Also be aware that this is a constant arena for problems and disbursing discrepancies. For  this  reason,  we  strongly recommend you always consult the DODFMR, Volume 5,  for  complete  instructions  for  handling  any  incident or action involving U.S. Treasury checks. 4-23

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