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Page Title: Assignment 1: 50 - 59
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The disbursing officer is declared 1-50. 1-51. 1-52. 1-53. 1-54. an  unauthorized  absentee. The commanding officer should immediately  carry  out  all  of  the following  actions  except  which  one? 1. Take possession of all disbursing spaces, keys, and property and seal the safes 2. Send a message to the Treasury reporting the last check issued 3. Appoint a board of at least three  disinterested  officers  to inventory  the  vouchers,  funds, and property on hand 4. Send a message to DFAS-CL detailing all actions taken Retained records may be destroyed when they are how old? 1. 1 year 2. 1 year, 6 months 3. 3 years 4. 2 years,    6 months When an afloat disbursing officer is relieved by another disbursing officer, what is done with the relieved  officer’s  retain  records? 1. Retained on board for 90 days, then forwarded to the appropriate  FIPC 2. Immediately  forwarded  to  the appropriate  FIPC 3. Retained on board for 6 months, then  forwarded  to  a  federal records  center 4. Immediately  forwarded  to  a federal  records  center When  a  disbursing  officer  ashore  is relieved  by  another  disbursing officer,    what  disposition  is  made of the relieved disbursing officer’s  records? 1. Immediately  forwarded  to  the appropriate  FIPC 2. Immediately  forwarded  to  a federal  records  center 3. Retained for 90 days and then forwarded  to  the  appropriate FIPC 4. Retained until 1 year old and then  destroyed A request for a copy of a voucher that  has  been  previously  shipped  or destroyed should be made to what facility, if any? 1. The  cognizant  FIPC 2. DFAS  -CL 3. The authorized accounting activity  for  the  appropriation involved 1-55. The  authority  for  a  disbursing officer is automatically granted with his or her assignment to disbursing  duty. 1. True 2. False 1-56. A disbursing officer must compute his or her average daily cash requirement. This  is  accomplished by  which  of  the  following  methods? 1. Subtract daily cash disbursements  from  daily  cash collections  and  average  the results 2. Average  the  daily  disbursements 3. Average  the  amounts  picked  up from the source of funds using the  period  of  time  between procurements 4. Subtract  daily  cash  collections from  daily  cash  disbursements and  average  the  results IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 1-57 THROUGH 1-62, SELECT  FROM  THE  FOLLOWING  LIST  THE  PROPER PERIOD OF TIME THAT CASH SHOULD BE PROCURED  TO  COVER  THE  CONDITIONS  DESCRIBED IN THE QUESTION. 1-57. 1-58. 1-59. A. 3 days B. 1 week C. 2 weeks D. 4 weeks Weekly   requirements the source of funds reasonably  close. 1.  A 2.  B 3.  C 4.  D Weekly   requirements the source of funds close. 1.  A 2.  B 3.  C 4.  D Weekly   requirements the source of funds close. 1.  A 2.  B 3.  C 4.  D are  $25,000  and is not are $6,000 and is  reasonably are $250 and is  reasonably 4. None 6

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