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Page Title: Assignment 1: 60 - 70
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1-60. 1-61. 1-62. 1-63. 1-64. 1-65. Weekly requirements the source of funds reasonably  close. 1.  A 2.  B 3.  C 4.  D Weekly requirements the source of funds 1.  A 2.  B 3.  C 4.  D Weekly requirements are  $75,000  and is not are $5,000 and is  remote. are  $125,000 and the source of funds is reasonably  close. 1.  A 2.  B 3.  C 4.  D A new request to hold cash at personal risk must be submitted at least semiannually to become effective on which of the following dates? 1. 01 January and 01 July 2. 01 February and 01 August 3. 01 March and 01 September 4. 01 April and 01 October Which of the following officials or agencies is the approving authority for  a  disbursing  officer’s  request to hold cash at personal risk? 1. Commanding officer 2. DFAS-CL 3. DFAS-HQ 4. Treasury The disbursing officer’s request to hold cash at personal risk should be for the amount held by which of the  following  persons? 1. Disbursing officer only 2. Disbursing officer and deputies only 3. Disbursing officer and agent cashiers only 4. Disbursing officer and all deputies  and  agent  cashiers  at the  main  office 1-66. 1-67. 1-68. 1-69. 1-70. An afloat disbursing officer determines that the normal cash requirements  will  not  be sufficient. What is the maximum number of days that the disbursing officer’s request for a temporary increase may cover? 1. 15 2. 30 3. 45 4. 60 The combination for all safes and containers  used  to  store  funds  must be changed at least how often? 1. Every  month 2. Every 2 months 3. Every 3 months 4. Every 6 months When  a  disbursing  officer  is relieved  by  another  disbursing officer, what form is used to certify  the  transfer  of  funds? 1. Receipt  for  Cash-Subvoucher, SF 1165 2. Statement  of  Accountability, SF 1219 3. Daily  Statement  of Accountability,  DD  2657 4. Subsidiary   Accountability Record, DD 2667 If a disbursing officer on shore duty has excess funds, what is the maximum amount that may be accumulated  without  deposit? 1. $500 2. $750 3. $999 4. $1,000 Which  of  the  following  statements concerning  deposits  is  NOT  true? 1. Checks  deposited  must  be  sorted 2. The check deposit is accompanied  by  an  adding machine tape or listing showing the amount of each check and the total amount of the deposit 3. Separate  deposit  tickets  are required  for  cash  and  checks 4. All deposits are accompanied by an SF 215 7

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