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Page Title: Assignment 2: 53 - 61
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2-53. 2-54. 2-55. 2-56. When a member’s old and new duty stations are in proximity to each other, a certification that the relocation of the member’s household is mission essential and in the best interest of the government must be issued for DLA to be payable. A commanding officer must be of what minimum paygrade to sign such  a  certification? 1. 0-7 2. 0-6 3. 0-5 4. 0-4 Generally a member is entitled to how may DLAs per fiscal year? 1. One 2.   Two 3. Three 4. Four Which of the following dates is used to determine the fiscal year for which a DLA is counted? 1. Date the dependents begin travel 2. Date the dependents complete travel 3. Date the member reports to the new PDS 4. Date member is detached from the old PDS A member’s dependents move their residence  in  compliance  with  PCS orders and complete the move to the new location. The  member’s  orders are then modified to direct the member to a different new PDS. The dependents then move to the new duty station. Which of the following  statements  is  correct? 1. The member will be paid DLA for only one of the two moves 2. The member will be paid DLA for both of the moves 3. The  commanding  officer  must certify  that  the  orders  were modified before any payment can be made 4. The member will be paid DLA for both of the moves provided the moves  were  in  different  fiscal years 2-57. When a member is married to a member, DLA is payable to either of them but not to both regardless of the  circumstances. 1. True 2. False 2-58. In  which  of  the  following circumstances can NAVCOMPT Form 2120 NOT be used to pay a reservist’s  travel  allowances? 1. The period of active duty is less than 15 days 2. The period of active duty is less than 30 days 3. The disbursing officer does not use MCPS to pay the claim 4. A travel advance was paid 2-59. 2-60. 2-61. Payment of travel allowances for reservists on ACDUTRA for less than 30 days is normally paid at which of  the  following  times? 1. Prior  to  travel 2. Upon arrival at the ACDUTRA station 3. On the last day of ACDUTRA 4. After return to the reserve center  at  the  completion  of ACDUTRA A reservist on ACDUTRA may be paid in  advance  for  miscellaneous expenses to be incurred during return travel to the reserve unit. 1. True 2. False A member is discharged while in confinement by civil authorities in the United States. Upon release from  confinement,  the  member  is entitled to which of the following types  of  transportation? 1. Government provided transportation  from  the confinement  facility  to  home  of record 2. There is no entitlement to transportation 3. MALT  from  the  confinement facility to home of record 4. Government transportation from last duty station to home of record 14

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