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Page Title: Assignment 3: 25 - 34
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3-25. 3-26. 3-27. 3-28. 3-29. 3-30. The Certificate of Destruction for spoiled checks requires the signature  of  the  disbursing  officer and at least how many witnesses? 1. One 2.  Two 3. Three 4. Four In which of the following cases may a  control  check  be  issued? 1. The  original  check  was  issued to a different payee 2. The  original  check  appears  to have been altered 3. The original check is more than 1 year old 4, A control check was misprinted during issue Which of the following items are required on the DD 2661? 1. Payee  and  amount 2. Control  check  number  and  amount 3. Original check number and control check number 4. Payee  and  control  check  number In the preparation process of a control  check,  which  of  the following  actions  is  NOT  required to  be  performed? 1. Type or stamp the RTN on the lower edge of the control check 2. Enter the symbol number and serial number on the upper- right corner of the control check 3. Record  the  control  check  number on the face of the original check 4. Verify that the symbol number and serial number are correctly entered  on  the  control  check Which  of  the  following  methods  is used to report a void check on the record  of  checks  drawn? 1. Report it as void 2. Do  not  report  information  for that  check  number 3. Report  a  zero  amount 4. Report it as destroyed Within what period of time will voided  checks  be  destroyed? 1. 30 days of date on which voided 2. 30 days after month in which voided 3. 60 days of date on which voided 4. 60 days after month in which voided 3-31. Whet disposition is made of the original certificate of destruction for  voided  checks? 1. Filed with the monthly retained financial  returns 2. Submitted with the monthly financial  returns 3. Mailed to Treasury 4. Held by disbursing officer as proof of destruction 3-32. Where should voided checks be stored  pending  destruction? 1. In any security container with a class 1 or class 5 rating 2. In  the  disbursing  officer’s safe  with  all  other  checks 3. In  any  secure  environment  that has  limited  access 4. In  the  disbursing  officer’s safe segregated from all other checks 3-33. Under which of the following conditions may disbursing officer NOT 1. 2. 3. 4. cancel  an  available  check? The check was drawn under the account of a predecessor of the same activity and symbol number The check was erroneously reported  as  void The check was drawn under the disbursing officer’s own official checking account symbol The check was drawn under an account the disbursing officer is in the process of settling 3-34. Canceled checks are deposited with which of the following institutions? 1. A federal reserve bank or branch 2. Any military banking facility 3. Any designated depositary outside  CONUS  and  a  federal reserve  bank  or  branch  inside CONUS 4. Any designated depositary 19

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