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Page Title: Assignment 3: 35 - 43
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3-35. Which of the following statements concerning the deposit of canceled checks  is  correct? 1. Canceled  checks  may  be consolidated  with  other negotiable instruments under the same SF 215 2. A separate SF 215 is required for  each  canceled  check 3. Canceled checks are deposited on an SF 1096 4. Canceled checks must be deposited on a separate SF 215 from  other  collections 3-36. Canceled checks will be deposited no later than which of the following  dates? 1. The last day of the month in which canceled 2. The last day of the month after the month in which canceled 3. The 25th of the month in which canceled 4. The 1st of the month after the month in which canceled 3-37. What disposition is made for undelivered checks held by other than the issuing DSSN? 1. Canceled and deposited after two weeks 2. Returned after two weeks to the issuing DSSN 3. Canceled  and  deposited  after  60 days 4. Returned after 60 days to the issuing  DSSN 3-38. Claims  for  undeliverable  checks which were canceled will be paid by which  of  the  following  offices? 1. Treasury 2. DFAS  -CL 3. Any  disbursing  office 4. The  disbursing  office  that canceled  the  check 3-39. When a disbursing officer is 3-40. 3-41. 3-42. 3-43. detached without-relief, what action,    if  any,  is  taken  regarding undelivered checks? 1. Transferred to the designated settlement office for disposition  using  the  rules governing  undeliverable  checks issued by another DSSN 2. Transferred to the designated settlement office for disposition according to the 60-day  rule 3. Canceled  end  deposited  prior  to transfer  without  regard  for  the 60-day  rule 4. None Which of the following forms is used to cancel an unavailable check? 1. SF 1184 2. SF 215 3. SF 1098 4. DD 1131 The statute of limitations for claims  against  the  government  bars claims for loss of checks after what period of time from the date of issue? 1. 1 year 2. 3 years 3. 6 years 4. 7 years If a disbursing officer suffers a bulk loss of blank check stock, a single SF 1184 may be submitted to cancel all checks involved in the loss. 1. True 2. False Which  of  the  following  reasons would be considered justification for a disbursing officer to refuse to issue a recertified check immediately? 1. The original check was endorsed by the payee when it was lost 2. The payee has an outstanding obligation  against  which  the payment may be offset 3. The  original  check  was  more than 1 year old at the time of loss 4. All of the above 20

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