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Page Title: Assignment 4: 10 - 18
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4-10. 4-11. 4-12. 4-13. 4-14. 4-15. Which  of  the  following  entries,As used as the transaction type in accounting for gains on revaluation of  foreign  currency? 1. 2D 2. 2I 3. 3I 4. 3C Which of the following individuals or agencies authorizes the disbursing officer to make accommodation sales of foreign currency  when  adequate  facilities are  not  otherwise  available? 1. The manager of the nearest MSF 2. The  commanding  officer 3. The Department of Treasury 4. DFAS-CL For  a  disbursing  officer  to repurchase foreign funds from personnel departing an Overseas area on PCS, the person must have written approval from the commanding officer if the  amount exceeds how many months of pay and allowances? 1. 1 2. 2 3. 3 4. 4 Disbursing officers authorized to make accommodation sales of foreign currency  are  required  to  maintain  a record of those sales,on which of the  following  forms? 1. SF 1034 2. DD 1131 3. DD 2664 4. DD 2666 Disbursing  officers  of  afloat  units obtain  approval,  if  required,  from whom before making accommodation sales to the crew? 1. DFAS-CL 2. Commanding  officer 3. Senior  officer  present  afloat 4. No  approval  is  required A disbursing officer of an afloat unit  should  not  repurchase  foreign currency  from  accommodation  sales unless it can be disposed of within how many days? 1. 5 2. 10 3. 30 4. 60 4-16. Which  of  the  following  statements concerning the sale of foreign currency to another DOD disbursing officer  is  NOT  true? 1. The rate of exchange is normally the rate used by the purchasing officer 2. The rate of exchange is normally the rate used by the selling    officer 3. Any gain or loss will be accounted for by the selling officer 4. If the official rate is different from that used by the selling  officer,  the  official rate will be used 4-17. When foreign currency is sold to an MBF, the rate of exchange used will be which of the following rates? 1. The rate the currency was purchased by the selling officer 2. The rate determined in the latest  revaluation  by  the selling officer 3. The  published  official  exchange rate 4. The buy rate used by the MBF on the date of exchange 4-l9. When foreign currency is sold through  commercial  channels  and  no official rate of exchange has been established,  how  many  bids,  if possible,  should  be  obtained  by  the disbursing   officer? 1. One 2. Two 3. Three 4. Four 4-18. When  no  other  method  is  available to  dispose  of  foreign  currency,  the disbursing officer may deposit cash funds  for  credit  to  the  Treasury with which of the following institutions? 1. Any MBF 2. Any FRB 3. Citibank 4. Bank of America 24

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