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Page Title: Assignment 4: 40 - 50
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4-40. A new series of voucher numbers will be started at the beginning of which of the following occasions? 1. Relief of the disbursing officer 2. Each calendar year 3. Each fiscal year 4. When the number will exceed 5 digits during the accounting period 4-41. Where will the paid original voucher and supporting documents be maintained pending submission with the original financial returns? 1. In  the  disbursing  officer’s safe 2. In the safe of the individual making the payment 3. In any locked container within the  disbursing  office 4. In any file container within the  disbursing  office 4-42. When a due date is not specified on the contract,    the specific due date may be determined by referring to the guidelines found in which of the  following  documents? 1. NAVCOMPT, volume 2 2. NAVSUP P-485 3. DODFMR, volume 5 4. Prompt Payment Act of 1982 4-43. When a number of vouchers are payable to the same payee, which of the following methods should be used for payment? 1. Pay weekly 2. A single payment for all obligations 3. Pay each individually 4. Group them according to amount using the table in DODFMR, volume 5 4-44. A dealer’s bill stated in foreign currency  and  paid  in  U.S.  dollars will be paid at the exchange rate in effect on which of the following dates? 1. Paid 2. Delivered 3. Shipped 4. Contracted 4-45. In all cases when contracts or any other  written  purchase  agreement contain  a  provision  for  discount for  prompt  payment,  the  discount must be taken. 1. True 2. False 4-46. If a dealer’s bill is rotated in a currency listed as excess and the currency is not available to the disbursing  officer,  whet disposition should be made of the bill? 1.  Paid by U.S. Treasury check 2. Forwarded  to  the  servicing  FIPC 3. Forwarded to Treasury for payment 4. Forwarded to a disbursing officer  having  access  to  the currency 4-47. If the discount terms offered on a dealer’s  bill  are  not  in  agreement with  the  discount  terms  offered  in the  contract,  what  action  should the  disbursing  officer  take? 1. Pay  according  to  the  contract terms 2. Pay  according  to  the  dealer’s bill  terms 3. Pay using the terms most advantageous  to  the  government 4. Return the dealer’s bill to the vendor for correction - 4-48. Payment is deemed to be made for the purpose of earning a discount on which of the following dates? 1. Date of the voucher 2. Date of the check 3. Date check is mailed 4. Date voucher is prepared 4-49. If a discount period expires on a Saturday,  Sunday,  or  holiday,  the discount  is  considered  to  be  earned if payment is made on what date? 1. The last business day prior 2. The next business day 3. The second business day 4. The third business day 4-50. If a discount is applied to a voucher  having  multiple  lines  of accounting  data,  what  is  the minimum  amount  that  requires  a credit to the specific line of accounting  data  involved? 1. $ 50 2. $ 75 3. $100 4. $200 27

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