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Page Title: Assignment 5: 1 - 11
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ASSIGNMENT    5 Textbook  Assignment: "Financial Returns," chapter 7. 5-1. Which of the following statements give(s) the purpose of submitting financial  returns? G A O 1. Make up the formal accounting to the United States for all public funds received and spent 2. Basis for the official audit and settlement of accounts by 3. Provide the data from which DOD maintains its administrative accounting control 4. All of the above 5-2. Which of the following reasons is NOT a purpose for regional consolidation of financial returns? 1. Reduce the number of disbursing returns 2. Permit  the  prompt  reporting  of financial   transactions 3. Reduce the number of accountable   positions 4. Maximize the use of the automated  accounting  machines available  at  FIPCs 5-3. A non-tactical disbursing Office is one that although subject to deployment is not expected to be in a combat situation. 1. True 2. False 5-4. Which  of  the  following  statements concerning CDOs is NOT true? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5-5. How Perform the same daily tasks as a regular disbursing officer Use both their own symbol number and the symbol number of DFAS-CL  on  paid  vouchers Tasked  with  consolidating  all the financial returns processed by  the  disbursing  officers reporting  to  them Sign  checks  issued  under  their name and office symbol many  separate  records  of financial  transactions  does  a  CDO maintain? 1. One 2. Two 3. Three 4. Four 5-6. 5-7. 5-8. 5-9. 5-10. 5-11. Which, if any, Of the following sections on the reverse of the “consolidated” SF 1219 does a CDO complete? 1.   Section II, Part A only 2. Section II, Part B only 3. Section II, Parts A and B 4. None of the above A non-tactical disbursing officer stationed in the United States is required  to  submit  the  original DD  2657  with  Supporting  documents to the CDO not later than which of the  following  days  after  the transactions occurred? 1.  The first working day 2. The first calendar day 3. The third working day 4. The third calendar day A disbursing officer prepares a DD 2657 for each working day, even if no transactions ocourred on that day. 1. True 2. False Which of the following DD forms is used as a cover form for the DD 2657  and  supporting  documents? 1. 1081 2. 2666 3. 2557 4. 2667 At the end of the month, the SF 1219 should be prepared in the original  and  what  total  number  of copies? 1. One 2. TwO 3. Three 4. Four Cash in the possession of all disbursing  officers  is  balanced  at least how often? 1. Every  day 2. Every 2 days 3. Every  week 4. Every  month 30

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