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Page Title: Assignment 5: 36 - 48
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6-36. TLA may be paid for delayed departure of dependents from a station  provided  the  period  is later than how many days after effective  date  of  PCS  orders? duty no the 1. 10 2. 30 3. 60 4. 90 6-37. Which, if any, of the following allowances is/are normally payable while a member is entitled to TLA? 1. COLA only 2. OHA only 3. COLA and OHA 4. None of the above IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 6-38 THROUGH 6-48, CONSIDER ALL QUESTIONS AS REFERRING TO VHA. 6-38. The member’s new permanent duty station is considered the duty station for  VHA purposes  beginning on the date of transfer from the old duty station. 1. True 2. False 6-39. For an area to be considered as a high housing cost area for a member,   the median monthly cost of housing must exceed what percentage of the median monthly cost of housing in CONUS for members of the same  paygrade? 1. 60 2. 70 3. 80 4. 90 6-40. Which of the following expenses is/are  allowable  in  computing  the rental  expense  for  VHA? 1. Rental fee for a mobile home lot 2. Berthing  fee  for  a  houseboat 3. Liability insurance 4. All of the above 6-41. The VHA Certificate is verified by which of the following NAVPERS forms? 1. 1070/602 2. 1070/605 3. 1070/606 4. 1070/607 6-42. 6-43. 6-44. 6-45. 6-46. 6-47. 6-48. VHA is NOT payable during which, if any, of the following periods of time during a PCS move? 1. Leave 2. Proceed  time 3. Direct  travel  time 4. None of the above The VHA offset rate is not applicable for up to what maximum number of days after arrival at a new duty station before occupancy of  permanent  quarters? 1. 10 2. 30 3. 60 4. 90 The VHA offset may not exceed what maximum percentage of the prescribed  rate  for  a  member? 1. 50 2. 75 3. 90 4. 100 When both husband and wife are active duty members and share a residence,    they  are  each  considered to be a sharer. 1. True 2. False A member occupying government quarters at the old duty station becomes entitled to VHA on what date? 1. Date  BAQ  begins 2. Date of transfer from old duty station 3. Last day of travel time 4. Date of reporting to new duty station What is the maximum number of months of  VHA and BAQ that may be paid  in  advance? 1. 1 2. 6 3. 3 4. 12 Advance VHA and BAQ will normally be repaid in how many equal monthly installments? 1. 18 2. 12 3. 3 4. 24 39

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