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Page Title: Checking Account Returns
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from its date of issue. In the preceding sections, we described  cancellation  and  replacement  procedures  for U.S. Treasury checks that fall within this prescribed 12-month time limit. You may, however, encounter U.S. Treasury checks that were  not cashed within the prescribed  time.  In  the  following  paragraphs,  you  will read about non-negotiable checks and their required disbursing and accounting procedures. CANCELLATION REQUIREMENTS All U.S. Treasury checks that are not cashed within 12 months from the date of issue are canceled by the Department  of  the  Treasury.  This  cancellation  occurs in the 14th month after the date of the check. The proceeds  of  these  cancellations  are  credited  to  the Department of the Navy budget clearing account. PROCESSING  REQUIREMENTS The  payee  of  a  check  that  has  been  canceled because  of  limited  payability  must  file  a  claim  with  a Navy DO to obtain a replacement check. To process a claim for a U.S. Treasury check that is more than a year old but that was issued under a Navy or Marine Corps disbursing symbol number and is currently held by the payee, the DO must use the following guidelines: Obtain a DD 2660 or a signed statement from the payee  if  nonreceipt,  loss,  destruction,  or  theft  is claimed. If available, obtain the original check from the payee.   Stamp   the   check   “CANCELED   UNDER LIMITED  PAYABILITY”  and  retain  the  voided  check with the replacement check documentation. Submit  a  separate  SF  1184  citing  “Limited Payability  Cancellation  Replacement  Request”  for  each check  in  the  possession  of  the  DO  for  which  the claimant is requesting a replacement check. Obtain proper identification from the claimant. Ensure  that  the  check  has  been  canceled  by limited playability; has not previously been recertified as lost, destroyed, stolen, or not received; and that a recertified  payment  has  not  been  issued. Issue a replacement check only upon receipt of credit from the Treasury and a claim from the payee. Voucher the replacement check by preparing a DD  1034. CHECKING ACCOUNT RETURNS Each  disbursing  office  is  required  to  submit checking account returns according to the guidelines set forth in the DODFMR, Volume 5. As a senior DK, you will  be  expected  to  understand  the  required  procedures for  assembling  and  submitting  these  returns. TIMING AND FORMAT REQUIREMENTS The checking account returns of a disbursing office should show the status as of the last day of each calendar month or the end of a particular accounting period (such as when a DO is being relieved). The input to the Treasury must be on magnetic tape. DOs reporting directly to the Treasury via magnetic tape are to submit their tapes and supporting documents to the Treasury no later than 4 days after the close of business of the week in which the issue dates occur and no later than 2 days after the month’s end. DOs who do not have magnetic tape capability will submit  their  data  in  machine-readable  format  by diskette to a central disbursing officer (CDO) or a FIPC for  conversion  to  magnetic  tape.  To  facilitate  the conversion, the DO must submit the returns to a CDO or FIPC in a satisfactory time frame for those offices to meet their deadline of reporting to the Treasury. DOCUMENTATION   REQUIREMENTS The Month End Check Issue Summary, SF 1179, is a  summarization  of  the  checks  issued  during  the accounting  period  by  serial  number  and  amount.  The Department of the Treasury uses it to track and control checks drawn on the U.S. Treasury checking account. An example of an SF 1179 is shown in figure 4-8. The SF1179 is prepared in triplicate. For DOs who submit check issue reports directly to the Treasury, distribution  requirements  for  the  SF  1179  are  as follows: 1. The original is submitted to the Treasury. 2. One copy is forwarded to the appropriate central disbursing office with the monthly financial returns. 3. The other copy is held in the retained returns. For DOs who submit check issue information to a CDO  or  FIPC  for  conversion  to  magnetic  tape,  the following distribution requirements apply: 1. The original SF 1179 is submitted to the CDO or FIPC with the detailed check information. 4-21

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