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Page Title: Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data
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Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data The information in the VHA Certificate must be verified   with   the   member’s   Dependency Application/Record  of  Emergency  Data,  NAVPERS 1070/602. Other Documents In  addition,  each  VHA  Certificate  must  be submitted  with  documents  (original  or  legible  copies) showing  the  member’s  actual  housing  expenses according  to  whether  the  member  is  a  renter  or homeowner.  Members  in  these  categories  will  provide the   required   documentation   as   explained   in   the following  paragraphs. RENTER.—   A  member  who  is  classified  as renter must provide the following documentation: Copy   of   the   rental/lease   agreement   or a a certificate  from  the  landlord  containing  the member’s  name  and  the  full  rental/lease payment for the residence Copies  of  liability  and  personal  property (renter’s) insurance policies or substantiation of the  premium  payment Copies   of   rental/lease   agreement/mortgage documents  for  mobile  home  lot  or  houseboat berthing space, if applicable HOMEOWNER.— A member who is classified as a  homeowner  will  provide  the  following: Copy  of  mortgage  payment  documents Copy   of   hazard   and   liability   (homeowner) insurance  policies  or  substantiation  of  the premium  (if  not  included  in  the  mortgage payment) Copies  of  real  estate  tax  statements  (if  not included in the mortgage payment) Copies   of   rental/lease   agreement/mortgage documents  for  mobile  home  lot  or  houseboat berthing, if applicable VHA RATES PAYABLE VHA  is  payable  to  a  member  with  or  without dependents at one of the following rates: The offset rate A rate prescribed in a rate table prepared by the PDTTAC A rate prescribed in a special determination issued by the Secretary of the Navy and the Chairman  of  PDTTAC As we explained earlier, VHA is not payable for the number of days of travel allowed on PCS orders for direct travel between the old and new PDS. A reduction in VHA entitlement for those travel days will be made at the rate paid to the member while he or she was assigned to the old PDS. If an allowance was not paid to  the  member  because  government  quarters  were assigned at the old PDS, a reduction will be made at the rate payable following the member’s departure from the old  PDS. In  the  following  paragraphs,  we  will  explain  how you will use these rates to calculate a member’s VHA entitlement. Remember, the VHA entitlement is based on the circumstances of each individual member. Without  Dependents  Rate The VHA prescribed for a member’s PDS will be used  for  determining  entitlement  for  a  member  without dependents. With Dependents Rate Normally,  the  VHA  prescribed  will  be  used  in determining the member’s entitlement for a member with dependents whether the dependents reside with the member or at a different location. When the Secretary of the Navy or a designated representative issues a determination that dependents must maintain a permanent residence in a military housing area other than the one in which the PDS is located, the VHA will be based upon the actual location of  the  dependents’  residence. In addition, the following conditions apply when the  dependents  reside  separately  from  the  member  and the member is assigned to an unaccompanied tour at the following   PDSs: Outside  the  United  States—The  allowance prescribed for the area within the United States where the dependents reside will be used in determining the member’s entitlement to VHA for the dependents. In  Alaska  or  Hawaii—The  allowance  prescribed for  the  are  a  within  the  other  state  or  District  of Columbia where the dependents reside will be used to 8-19

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